Daily Prompt: Memories For Sale

My friends and I decided to drop by a garage sale while driving to our trip destination. There were a few people walking and looking through some of old clothes, books, cassette tapes along with the ancient chairs, cabinets, and tables. After strolling around, I stopped at a table full of old books and magazines. I saw a head above mountains of books. It looked out-of-place.


I picked it up and saw a familiar face looking back at me. It turned out to be a clock. I was totally surprised because it was my clock that my parents bought it in Japan for me as a souvernier when I was a child. I could recognized it because it has the unique alarm sound. Our family believed that the sound shouted out in Japanese and English language. However, we could hear the voice as ‘Hey, Peeh Fai! Wake Up! Wake Up!’. We were quite astonished by that sound because ‘Peeh Fai’ sounded similar to my name with the first word representing ‘elder sister’ in Thai.

  • Peeh = Elder Sister
  • Fai = my Thai nick name

So it sounded like I was woke up by this clock shouting out my name every morning in the past.


After growing up, the clock just lost its spot in my bedroom and completely disappeared from my life.

Seeing it at this garage sale was quite strange. I brought it to ask the seller how they get this clock. He looked at it with a doubt and told me that he’s also never seen this clock before. He said it might belong to his sister and she doesn’t want it anymore because of its worn state. He sold it to me for 30 Baht (1 US$).

We left a garage sale and went to our destination. Our girls-get away trip ended happily. I went home and recalled that my clock was in my bag. I brought it to my room and put battery in it. It is still working. I placed it on the back of my piano together with other gifts from my friends and family.

Whenever I look at it, I will think of the time when I was younger. The time when happiness could easily come with just a particular sound of alarm clock.

The clock that can turn back my time.


This story was written by mixing the truth (the clock and its unique alarm clock) with imagination (the garage sale and trip) for participating in today’s Daily Prompt.

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