The bizarre day to Sleep Alone

Yesterday (17-May-13), my daily life started as usual. I woke up at 5 AM and left home around a quarter to six am. I arrived office and then hurried to reach my desk due to having meeting at 7 AM. After that, my day was normally going on till noon. I went to have lunch at our company’s canteen with my colleagues. That was when the series of unusual things began.

There was a thing I shouldn’t know but I happened to know. It was none of my business but I worried about that a bit. Anyway, I worked in the afternoon until leaving office at 4 PM because I had a piano class in the evening. During my driving back home, I got more information about the thing I shouldn’t know and it made me to worry more.

My thought on the thing I shouldn’t know but happen to know.

While I was walking to a piano school, I saw the colorful dusk on the horizontal line of the sky. It looked astonishing so I needed to take photos of it. During my piano class, I didn’t do well as I lacked of concentration, however I could ask my teacher about a song I want to learn which I printed out the music sheet for his review. It was ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele. I was sort of surprised by the way its melody was played. It seemed that the notes were spread among chord A, G, and F at the intro. And Adele’s voice was one of melody played along with those chords.

Sunset Sky | Bangkok | Thailand | 17-May-2013

Sunset Sky | Bangkok | Thailand | 17-May-2013

Afterward, I updated my blog for ‘a word a week challenge’ from Sue. I was very sleepy while I was working on that post. However, I still needed to do the homework for Saturday’s water color class. I was listening to my current repeated playlist ‘Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon‘ while I was doing the homework. Then, I painted some silly things by imitating the cover of book that I’m currently reading.


I went to bed after midnight with my total exhausted state so I wished that I would have slept well. Unfortunately, I had to wake up by a song. At first, I wasn’t sure where the song came from because I didn’t put alarm on my phone. The sound kept going on, I eventually got up from my bed and looked at my phone. The song turned out to be my ring tone and someone called me around 1:15 AM!?! I was so disoriented so I slid my phone’s screen just for turning off the sound. However, that action was also functioned to accept the call so I just hung up without listening or saying anything. Afterward, I was back to sleep again.

The weird thing for that call was the number of caller. The caller’s mobile number was different from my phone number only 1 digit. Like below example:

  • My mobile phone number: 0AB-ZYX-PQRS
  • The caller’s number : 0AC-ZYX-PQRS

The sight of that caller number was implanted in my memory. Firstly, I was confused that why I called myself? It was so strange. I was drawn to that moment of seeing the phone number. Moreover, my brain still remembered the playlist that I listened to while I was doing the homework for the water color class especially my favorite song ‘Sleep Alone‘. The front man of Two Door Cinema Club said that he wrote this song because he had a series of dreams.

Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon

We, we only know what we see
‘Cause we’re always fast asleep
Is it so hard not to believe
That we’ll never know?
Oh hold, hold, hold
Hold me close
I’ve never been this far from home
Hold, hold, hold me close

He sleeps alone
He needs no army where he’s headed
‘Cause he knows
That they’re just ghosts
And they can’t hurt him
If he can’t see them, oh

Consequently, I slept with the sight of that caller’s number together with the sound from Sleep Alone. And I had this bizarre dream that there was another me in the parallel world and she was trying to contact me. My dream also has its own soundtrack which certainly was Sleep Alone.

Me and Parallel Me

Me and Parallel Me

The dream was so frenzy and I couldn’t remember anything from the dream except the feeling about the possibility of the parallel world and the repeated sound of Sleep Alone.

I was so exhausted after waking up again at the time I should have woken up in this morning. I had a headache all day and thought of the series of weird stuff yesterday until today’s morning.

This post is a part of Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses.

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