Travel theme: The Four Elements

Travel theme from Alisa this week is quite challenging for me because I’m not sure whether I could find photos representing some of those four elements or not. Gladly, I can.

The 1st photo is for the Earth which I chose the photo of sunflower field in Thailand where I went there with my family around four years ago. For your information; between Nov and Feb of each year in Thailand, there are many sunflower fields in Lopburi or Saraburi that let tourists to go inside and take photos. The enter fee is inexpensive.

Sunflower | Lopburi | Thailand | 2009


The next photo is for the water element which I snapped this picture of Pacific ocean while driving along the Highway 1. The magnificent Pacific Ocean! Let me tell you that the trips in 2012 made me fall in love with the nature in the American land since I was lucky enough to visit both East (Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington DC) and West (California). I was amazed by various kinds of nature in the US (from Big ocean to the giant trees). Hopefully, one day I will go back there and get other opportunities to visit astounding places especially those national parks.

Along the Highway 1 | CA | USA | 2012


The third one is quite hard to find a photo to stand for. The Wind. The carp-shaped koinobori flags were flown against the wind. I got this photo while doing the Nakasendo Walking Trail. I truly recommend this trail for anyone who love hiking. It’s not too difficult and it passed a lot of interesting places with different scenery. I really enjoyed my walk on that day.

Japan | 2010

Japan | 2010


Although I said the wind photo is quite hard, but the Fire element is the hardest for me as I rarely take photos of anything burning. Fortunately, I has this shot from my recent trip to Japan.

My friend and I visited Hasedera (Hase Temple) in Kamakura, the city not far from Tokyo. I was impressed with this temple because there were many interesting things to do and see such as the walking path where you can see the far-away sea, Japanese garden, lovely statues, and a little cave.



This week’s challenge is sort of my lesson learn to realize that I sometimes should step out off my comfort zone in taking photos in order to get the different angle of my surrounding.

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