Rainy season

During past two months, some blogs around here talked about Spring and showed beautiful photos indicating the beginning of that lovely season. To be honest, I felt a bit of envy because we don’t have Spring in Thailand as I mentioned earlier, we have summer, rainy, and winter seasons.

And I could feel the dawn of rainy season here this morning. It was raining since 6 am along the way from my home to office. “Ahhh … rainy season has already arrived here” that was my thought while I was sitting and watching the rain dropped on my car’s windscreen.


I’m not that into this season because I (a city girl) am afraid of heavy traffic. Every time rain comes in the morning or evening, traffic can go really really bad in Bangkok. However, as we are an agricultural country, I know that our farmer/gardener/planter are waiting for this season so they can utilize water from the sky to help their products grow.


In spite of being a reason for bad traffic and causing difficulty for outdoor activities, this season has its great benefit which is to relieve hotness that we’ve faced so far in our summertime. The temperature will decrease especially in the nights so I can sleep without turning on air-condition. Our electricity bill won’t be as high as during past month. We also reduce an amount of natural resource that is related to electricity generation.

The smell of water absorbed soil also fills us with freshness and flourish from the earth.