The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun


More Black & White photos is here ‘iPhoneography Challenge: Black and White‘.

Behind the shot

  • I took this photo at my company’s parking lot in the morning on one of my working days.
  • Photo taken using Hipstamatic apps in iPhone4 with ‘John S’ Lens and ‘AO DLX’ film. 
  • The Blog name caption and a photo re-sizing has been done in Typesetter app.

I wasn’t fond of black and white photos when I was younger. Whenever my aunt, who is good at photography, was trying to capture photos of me in this two tones, I would complain about how I wanted my photos to be in color. However, my aunt would tell me that black and white photos were classic and I would say thank you to her later when I grew up.

And just not a years ago that I finally took her point about black and white photography. I’m gradually taking more interest in this photo style. I’m also learning how to see light vs shadow. It added another aspect to the way I perceive my surrounding that the colorful images are not only answer for the eyes.

The Lovely Paperbook

I got nomination for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award from ‘The Paperbook Blog‘. To follow some of the award’s rules which is sharing seven things about you, so I choose to share 7 lovely things I’m crazy about.

The list of 7 things that I have a soft spot for them. If I find anything related to the below stuff, I always feel impelled to buy or follow them. I think they are cute, adorable and lovely.

I love Totoro

I love Totoro. Own a DVD, Accessories, and handkerchiefs

I'm happy by just looking at Pooh.

I’m happy by just looking at Pooh. Many clothes that has Pooh on them. My 3 sets of bed sheets and pillow cases. Jewelry box. Bag.

I'm always attracted to everything about cats!

I’m always attracted to everything about cats! Earrings, 3 Bags with cats pattern, and T-Shirts.

Yes! Like pigs too

Yes! Like pigs too, Key Chain and Cute decoration stuff.

My favorite animal follows my horoscope sign. Earrings, Painting on my bedroom wall, small bag.

IU (이지은) Korean Singer - Love her

IU (이지은) Korean Singer – Love her. She has a unique voice and very talented. I like listening to her songs and watching her dramas.

Korean Girls group that I could remember everyone and like them all.

Girls Generation, Korean Girls group that I could remember everyone and like them all. Love watching their Music Video, and their catchy songs are fun to listen and dance with.

Thank you very much to The Paperbook blog for this lovely award.


The bizarre day to Sleep Alone

Yesterday (17-May-13), my daily life started as usual. I woke up at 5 AM and left home around a quarter to six am. I arrived office and then hurried to reach my desk due to having meeting at 7 AM. After that, my day was normally going on till noon. I went to have lunch at our company’s canteen with my colleagues. That was when the series of unusual things began.

There was a thing I shouldn’t know but I happened to know. It was none of my business but I worried about that a bit. Anyway, I worked in the afternoon until leaving office at 4 PM because I had a piano class in the evening. During my driving back home, I got more information about the thing I shouldn’t know and it made me to worry more.

My thought on the thing I shouldn’t know but happen to know.

While I was walking to a piano school, I saw the colorful dusk on the horizontal line of the sky. It looked astonishing so I needed to take photos of it. During my piano class, I didn’t do well as I lacked of concentration, however I could ask my teacher about a song I want to learn which I printed out the music sheet for his review. It was ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele. I was sort of surprised by the way its melody was played. It seemed that the notes were spread among chord A, G, and F at the intro. And Adele’s voice was one of melody played along with those chords.

Sunset Sky | Bangkok | Thailand | 17-May-2013

Sunset Sky | Bangkok | Thailand | 17-May-2013

Afterward, I updated my blog for ‘a word a week challenge’ from Sue. I was very sleepy while I was working on that post. However, I still needed to do the homework for Saturday’s water color class. I was listening to my current repeated playlist ‘Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon‘ while I was doing the homework. Then, I painted some silly things by imitating the cover of book that I’m currently reading.


I went to bed after midnight with my total exhausted state so I wished that I would have slept well. Unfortunately, I had to wake up by a song. At first, I wasn’t sure where the song came from because I didn’t put alarm on my phone. The sound kept going on, I eventually got up from my bed and looked at my phone. The song turned out to be my ring tone and someone called me around 1:15 AM!?! I was so disoriented so I slid my phone’s screen just for turning off the sound. However, that action was also functioned to accept the call so I just hung up without listening or saying anything. Afterward, I was back to sleep again.

The weird thing for that call was the number of caller. The caller’s mobile number was different from my phone number only 1 digit. Like below example:

  • My mobile phone number: 0AB-ZYX-PQRS
  • The caller’s number : 0AC-ZYX-PQRS

The sight of that caller number was implanted in my memory. Firstly, I was confused that why I called myself? It was so strange. I was drawn to that moment of seeing the phone number. Moreover, my brain still remembered the playlist that I listened to while I was doing the homework for the water color class especially my favorite song ‘Sleep Alone‘. The front man of Two Door Cinema Club said that he wrote this song because he had a series of dreams.

Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon

We, we only know what we see
‘Cause we’re always fast asleep
Is it so hard not to believe
That we’ll never know?
Oh hold, hold, hold
Hold me close
I’ve never been this far from home
Hold, hold, hold me close

He sleeps alone
He needs no army where he’s headed
‘Cause he knows
That they’re just ghosts
And they can’t hurt him
If he can’t see them, oh

Consequently, I slept with the sight of that caller’s number together with the sound from Sleep Alone. And I had this bizarre dream that there was another me in the parallel world and she was trying to contact me. My dream also has its own soundtrack which certainly was Sleep Alone.

Me and Parallel Me

Me and Parallel Me

The dream was so frenzy and I couldn’t remember anything from the dream except the feeling about the possibility of the parallel world and the repeated sound of Sleep Alone.

I was so exhausted after waking up again at the time I should have woken up in this morning. I had a headache all day and thought of the series of weird stuff yesterday until today’s morning.

This post is a part of Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses.

A Word A Week Challenge – Mountains

More Mountains are here.

Daily Prompt: Memories For Sale

My friends and I decided to drop by a garage sale while driving to our trip destination. There were a few people walking and looking through some of old clothes, books, cassette tapes along with the ancient chairs, cabinets, and tables. After strolling around, I stopped at a table full of old books and magazines. I saw a head above mountains of books. It looked out-of-place.


I picked it up and saw a familiar face looking back at me. It turned out to be a clock. I was totally surprised because it was my clock that my parents bought it in Japan for me as a souvernier when I was a child. I could recognized it because it has the unique alarm sound. Our family believed that the sound shouted out in Japanese and English language. However, we could hear the voice as ‘Hey, Peeh Fai! Wake Up! Wake Up!’. We were quite astonished by that sound because ‘Peeh Fai’ sounded similar to my name with the first word representing ‘elder sister’ in Thai.

  • Peeh = Elder Sister
  • Fai = my Thai nick name

So it sounded like I was woke up by this clock shouting out my name every morning in the past.


After growing up, the clock just lost its spot in my bedroom and completely disappeared from my life.

Seeing it at this garage sale was quite strange. I brought it to ask the seller how they get this clock. He looked at it with a doubt and told me that he’s also never seen this clock before. He said it might belong to his sister and she doesn’t want it anymore because of its worn state. He sold it to me for 30 Baht (1 US$).

We left a garage sale and went to our destination. Our girls-get away trip ended happily. I went home and recalled that my clock was in my bag. I brought it to my room and put battery in it. It is still working. I placed it on the back of my piano together with other gifts from my friends and family.

Whenever I look at it, I will think of the time when I was younger. The time when happiness could easily come with just a particular sound of alarm clock.

The clock that can turn back my time.


This story was written by mixing the truth (the clock and its unique alarm clock) with imagination (the garage sale and trip) for participating in today’s Daily Prompt.

Travel theme: Beaches

Whenever I find my destination for travel, I rarely choose beaches because I’m afraid of the sea. I don’t like the emptiness of the sea especially when we need to take a boat/ship to other islands. I think it’s scary as I’m not good at swimming so I incline to think the worst when floating on the water without seeing any nearby lands.

So the photos of the beach for Alisa’s travel theme this week were from my former company’s trip that I went there with my ex-boyfriend.

We went to Krabi, a province on the Southern of Thailand, where has a lot of beautifully famous beaches and the sea.

We visited Phi Phi Island to have lunch and touch the sea.

Krabi | Thailand | 2009

Phi Phi Island | Krabi | Thailand | 2009

Krabi | Thailand | 2009

Krabi | Thailand | 2009

To be honest, I had moved all photos of this trip to my external hard drive after breaking up with my ex-boyfriend because I don’t want to recall the memory of us together even though I was the one who broke up with him. I don’t feel sad when looking at those photos of us but they remind me of my weakness at the time I let a fear of being alone for the rest of my life to overcome my true self.

Aow Nang | Krabi | Thailand | 2009

A dawn at Aow Nang’s beach | Krabi | Thailand | 2009

Actually, we started as a couple of happiness like everyone else, I guess. Every thing looked lovely and bright in the future. However, things have changed when we began to expect something more from each other. I needed to alter my behavior, how/what/when to speak. I didn’t understand why a couple needs to be together all the time. Why could we have our own personal space? Why did we need to talk on the phone every nights or all day? Why didn’t he spend some of his time with his friend?  No need to be with me or talk to me all the time.


Aow Nang’s Beach | Krabi | Thailand | 2009

And because my actions were sometimes against my true nature, he would get easily angry at me and I didn’t know what I did wrong. Although he never physically hurt me, his rage affected me emotionally.

Eventually, one of my journey helped me to realize what I exactly want with my life and walking away from that emotion-destructive relationship was the thing I should do. I finally did it.

The sun is rising | Aow Nang's beach | Krabi | Thailand | 2009

The sun is rising | Aow Nang’s beach | Krabi | Thailand | 2009

I used to think that I shouldn’t have met him, but I changed my thought as I believe that being with him shaped me to be the person I am today. There are some good sides in our experiences as he helped me realize my flaw which I continue to fix them. Moreover, I’m better at being patience than in the past and I learn to listen others before speaking my mind.

Going back to the album of this trip, I decided to copy some photos back to my laptop. But, they certainly aren’t photos of him.

Post no 202

This is the post no 202 on my blog. It’s quite unbelievable that I can keep posting every single day as I promised myself at the beginning of this blog. As someone might read my About page, one of the reasons I started this blog is to practice my English writing skill. Although I began to study English language since I was in the elementary school, I’m not an expert in English writing and speaking compared to other two skills (reading and listening).

For English writing in this blog, sometimes I knew what I mistakenly wrote but sometimes I don’t. Believe it or not, as far as I’ve known Thais mostly struggle with a/an/the as we tend to forget putting them in our writing and speaking. I think the missing determiner in our English speaking/writing comes from the fact that we can’t remember some of uncountable/countable nouns. In additions, we are quite confused with all of those tenses because we don’t have to alter our Thai verb according to past, present ant future. For example, if I talk about my favorite artists whom I still love, but my comments are related to the past experiences so which tense I should use. That is just one example.

There were some errors with my past posts that I left them as that for a while although I’ve already been aware of the incorrect lines.


The 1st statement comes from ‘When my head turns to be a melon‘ which I use the word neither following with or. It’s incorrect because neither should be followed by nor for that context.

The missing determiner plays a part in the 2nd one. I’ve already put ‘a’ in front of Buddhist but I forgot to use ‘a’ for religious person.

I’m a bit unhappy with myself for the last incorrect one because it’s the title post, and I shouldn’t easily make that mistake. Since it’s not too difficult to know that we should use ‘was’ instead of ‘am’ when talking about the past (yesterday) so it should be ‘Yesterday, I was purring‘.

After publishing this post, I will correct those wrong words/tenses.

In spite of writing wrong grammars/word choices/word order/etc sometimes; I still believe that the more I read, the more I should be better in my writing. And the more I try to think before write them down, my English writing skill should have been improved as well.

The Lucky Smile


Good luck comes with Smile.

Good luck
The 5 yen coin in Japanese is pronounced “go-en”. This also coincidentally means “good luck”. For this reason the 5 yen coin is thought to be good luck.

Source: yesjapan

5 Yen <五円>

Behind the shot

Device: iPhone 4 camera

Crop: Out-of-the-box Photos app on iPhone

Filter: BasicCamera app

Blog credit: Phonto app

The 2nd Monday’s theme for iPhoneography Challenge from Lens and Pens by Sally is Macro. It quite worried me because I don’t have much experience in this category of photography even though I’m always fascinated by them.

As I’ve never used iPhone to take the macro photos before, I consulted one of my best friends who happens to name ‘Google’ with this question ‘how to take macro photos with iphone 4’. I’ve got recommendation from iMore that the best estimated distance from the subject for iPhone 4 lens is 4 inches. Moreover, we should use AE/AF lock to keep the focus and exposure on the lens. Another suggestion that I’ve followed comes from osxdaily is to enable HDR during the snaps.

I decided to set up some scenes for practicing the shots by using the unique Japanese coin (5 en) which has a hole along with a 10 en coin and the lucky charm bought in Japan .

Size comparison between the prop and a quarter Dollars coin.

Size comparison between the prop and a quarter Dollars coin.

The lucky charm is the miniature of Seven Lucky Gods, and the one that we are seeing through the hole of Go-en is Benzaiten (Benten-sama) who is the goddess of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music. (I’ve lost 2 miniature so I have only 5 of them now.)

It was really fun trying to take several macro shots from various angles. The final outcome might not be that good but I was satisfied with it.

I feel lucky by just looking at the double good lucks from that photo :o)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

The pattern of garments.