Natural beauty

Yesterday while my dad and I were arriving home after going outside, my dad met this creature on our garage floor. He hurriedly told me before I stepped inside home building. And then that winged creature flew from the ground to catch the edge of a plant pot. Luckily, I had iPhone with me so I could snap a lot of shots while this beauty was standing still.




My dad guessed that this budgerigar fled from an unknown owner who resides in our neighborhood. That’s why, this natural beauty was so tame and not afraid of human (me).




Look at the camera!

Photo 6-3-56 BE, 20 46 37


This beauty was just standing and let me take many photos as I wanted. After I retreated to my bedroom, this natural beauty flew from that spot to somewhere in the sky. We just hoped that the beauty could find the way back home.


Behind the shots:

Camera: iPhone 4’s camera

Crop and re-size: Ever Clipper

Photo Credit: Phonto

This post is in a response to Phoneography Monday Challenge: Nature (Formerly the iphoneography Monday challenge). Right now, the challenge doesn’t limit only iPhone but everyone who uses your phone as your lens can join this fun.