Water, Brush, and Paper

Considering my age that will reach the 40th in a few years, I’m not sure whether I’ve started learning some extra skills too late or not; such as taking course for piano lessons,  or getting the basic of drawing. And the latest class that I am currently attending is watercolor painting. Actually, I wanted to learn how to paint in water color for very long time ago but I just decided to take action this year.

The same art school, where I attended course of drawing, has arranged this class for 30 years old up so that adults won’t feel weird studying along with children or teenagers. I’ve been to the class 4 times out of total six. The course focus on teaching us the techniques of painting using water color, not how to draw.

The first technique is Wet on Dry which its importance is ‘water’, how we can understand water and color pigment as well as how we can control water. Each distinct color should seamlessly blend together when we paint them on paper.

My 1st attempt on the Wet on Dry technique.

My 1st attempt on the Wet on Dry technique in the classroom.

The next technique is ‘Dry on Dry‘ which is normally used for painting trees, plants, bushes, grasses. Its significance is ‘Paintbrush’ that we should be able to realize the weight of our hands when the brush touches the surface of paper.

some pictures from my practice on this Dry on Dry technique.

Some pictures from my practice on this Dry on Dry technique.

The third one is ‘Wet in Wet‘ which its purpose is to give the paint diffusion from dropping color pigment on the wet-coated paper. The paper will play an important role in this technique. Painting flowers and food usually utilize this technique to produce the dimension of the subjects.

Some painting from my homework.

Some painting from my homework using Wet in Wet and Dry on Dry techniques.

Another picture that I practiced using this last method was from the one that I tried to imitate the rose taken by Carrie of this blog. To be honest, I haven’t asked for her permission so I might need to take this picture off if she disagree to this painting. Thanks to Carrie for this beautiful photo. I think her rose photo really tempted me to practice this technique because of the way of its coloring.


I haven’t set my goal at the high level from this course. I mean I want to be able to paint my favorite animation characters, some scenery from my trip, or etc. But I don’t think I will paint anything so realistic. As I once in a while have some pictures pop-up in my thoughts during listening to music or reading books so I just hope that I will be able to paint something from my imagination and get same pictures as my thoughts.

Thus, I know that I need to practice more and more. I wish I won’t be lazy after all.


6 thoughts on “Water, Brush, and Paper

  1. All your water colour paintings look lovely! Love the colours! Well done! I strongly believe it’s never too late to try new things, try new hobbies or pursue underlying interests or passions you might have. The fact that you’re trying something you’ve always wanted to try is very inspiring.

    Also, I like how you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself to be an expert at water colour painting at the end of the course, but simply enjoying water colour painting itself. Which is a form of luxury since as we all grow older, it gets harder and harder to find the time to do something creative and find time for ourselves.

  2. The wet-on-wet technique seems to bring out the colours quiet vividly :) I’m also considering joining some water colour classes – I think its the most difficult medium to master, since a perfect balance has to be achieved between the amount of water and paint to achieve the required outcome !

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