Relaxing visa

During past week, my Thai Facebook friends talked about the new rule that would have been likely applied to Thai Nationality for Japan visa. Then on 11th June, the embassy of Japan in Thailand posted the decision on their website.

Relaxing of Visa Requirements for Thai Nationals

1. On June 11, Thai nationals traveling to Japan for a short-term period will be exempted from visas.
2. We hope that the exchanges between Japan and Thailand will further promoted by this visa relaxation.
3. This new measure will start within summer season (in coming months). The effective date of the implementation and the length of stay without visa will be announced soon. (For those who plan to visit Japan in the near future, please keep in mind of the starting date of this new measure. The Embassy of Japan will not return visa and service fees for all visas that have been issued before the effective date of implementation.)

After this announcement, those around me on Facebook seem to be happy as I believe that Japan is one of the top destinations for Thai travelers. I think a lot of Thai tourists go to Japan for each year. As a result, the Japan National Tourist Organization website provides information in Thai language for us along with other major languages. We rarely see this practice from other countries because Thailand is still a developing country and Thai language is used only in our country.

I should be satisfied with this notice as well. However, a part of me is concerned about the method of entering Japan. Actually, we also get exempted from visas for South Korea according to some agreement arranged in the past. However, I would hear other people’s stories who have already arrived at the land of South Korea but they are denied from entering country, and they need to fly back to Thailand immediately. Whenever I hear of this kind of story, I would rather apply visa in Thailand than go there and get rejected like that. That’s why I’m sort of worried that we might have a chance to get the same treatment when entering Japan.

Anyway, I know that I, myself, shouldn’t have any problem with traveling in Japan because I’ve already been there 7 times! Whenever I told someone how many times I’ve been in Japan, they would think of me as a rich person. However, the truth isn’t like that. My younger brother used to live, study and work in Japan so I could go there and stay with him. It really helped me reduce cost of travelling for more than 1/4.

Even though he’s already moved back to Thailand, I still love travel in Japan. So the 7th time wasn’t the last time for sure. And now it will be easier to go there without the process of applying visa. Hopefully, the next time will come sooner. Finger crossed.



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