Oggl is the attempt from Hipstamatic to create the community for photographers using iPhone to capture digital photos. I think they are trying to compete with Instagram. At first, Oggl required interested person to register for invitation which reminded me of the time when Gmail has firstly been launched. However, any users can now install Oggl without the registration.

The app provides users with pre-arranged filters for Landscape, Portraiture, Nightlife, and Food. Users can also match lens and films by themselves as the same as in Hipstamatic. After taking photos, we can either save into camera rolls or share it with the Oggl community as well as other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

I’ve installed this app not long ago. I think the app has nice and cool look, but some interfaces are quite confusing especially on the Oggl community compared to Instagram. I’ve used it for taking photos but I rarely share them with Oggl. The pre-filters are ok which I think the food one is quite good as it seems to give the dimension and color for food.

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