Have I ever told anyone here that I love Winnie -the-Pooh? Yep, I think I have. However, I never read books or watched animation. I just love the way Pooh looks especially the classic one.

So when I saw this free app in the App store on my iPad, I knew I had to try it!


I was welcomed by the menu page when open the app. The beautiful picture with the nice music score.


Then I clicked the tale of POOH and some BEES and I was led to option page.


I chose ‘Read for me’, and I felt like I listened to the bedtime story before sleeping except this time we can have a little play with them. And I’m fond of the illustrations.


We can also go back and forward by touching the blue circle on the top left-hand side of screen.


I really enjoyed listening, reading and tapping the pooh. I was also entertained by the voice over as I liked his British accent.

The app comes with one story and we can buy other stories by using in-app purchase which the app has pop-up question to prevent children from purchasing it.


Although the story is not that long and it seems to be more suitable for children than adults, I still think that we can merrily read or listen to it as a young at heart as we are.


App: Classic Winnie-the-Pooh
Language: English
Developer: Egmont UK
Available: iPhone and iPad

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