Her name is Yukari. She is a Japanese hair dresser who was responsible for my new hair yesterday. Yesterday I took a day off to have my hair cut at my regular shop where is a brand from Japan. I’ve used their services for more than 10 years. At first, I had a fixed hairdresser but she was rotated to another branch so I moved on to the next two person. All three are Thai.

Yesterday was the 1st time my hair was cut by a Japanese hairdresser. Yukari has been in Thailand not long ago so she rarely understands Thai language. Consequently, we awkwardly started our conversation. As we might haven’t understood each other, Yukari asked for help from another Japanese barber who can moderately communicate in Thai.

I told them that I wanted my hair way shorter. Moreover, my hair should be ready to go without fixing up too much when I wake up everyday. I asked for their suggestion but they seemed not to exactly know what I wanted. Finally, I pointed the hairstyle on a magazine along with another picture that I saved in my iPhone. They were similar. Yukari just glanced at the pictures and stated that she knew what I wanted. She also seemed to grab the idea that I wanted a change.

The old me

The old me

As soon as she started to cut my hair, I began to have a bit concern as I noticed that she didn’t take the second look at my wanted hairdo so I wasn’t sure whether she really knew what I desired or not. I tried to be clam and told myself that I can endure if the outcome turns to be unpleasant because I believe that hair will naturally grow and the ugly moment will eventually pass.

Yukari silently cut and slid my hair while I was looking at her movement. My new hair gradually appeared before my eyes. To my surprise, it was right and this might be the 1st time that I perfectly got what I wanted. I used to keep my hair short before leaving it grow longer during the past two years. Before my long hair period, every time I told my hairdresser what short hairdos I wanted, I would never exactly get the right one. I meant they looked fine on my head but the style would have a slight difference from the real one that I really wanted.

After Yukari finished her last touch on my new hair, she presented me with a various angle of my head on a mirror. She smiled and spoke to me with the English word ‘Change’. I also replied to her in Thai that I ‘Shob’ which means ‘Like’. And to let her know that I was immensely satisfied with her work, I decided to use my broken Japanese language to tell her that ‘Suki Desu’ while pointing at my head as ‘Suki’ can be translated to ‘Like’.

After I paid for cut and dye service, Yukari waited to greet me when I left the shop. She smiled and said ‘Arigatou Gozaimashita’ and I told her ‘Kob Khun Ka’. The different languages but the same meaning ‘Thank You’.


Change  … 好きです

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