Surf, Wine and I Love it!

Generally, I’m not interested in Surfing or Wine. I have a fear of the ocean so I can’t understand why anyone wants to stand on a narrow board in those giant waves (The raft that Rose in Titanic used for survival was much wider than that! and she floated in the calm cold sea). Anyway, I accidentally watched this video as I was using a couch mode on Vimeo which was continually playing staff picks’ videos. Wow, I think the way those surfers dare to do the things they love are impressive. And those big waves are fascinating.

The Originals from Dave otto on Vimeo.

Speaking of wine, I’m not fond of the documentary about it even though I surely like drinking wine the most among alcoholic drinks. However, this trailer could change my mind. I think it provides the exciting touch for the film.

I love it No, I didn’t mean I love surfing or wine so much that I need to write about them on the blog. But ‘I love it’ is the song from the band called Postino which I firstly heard of their name from this video too. Their music genre is not my favourable type but this video is fun to watch, and the song is quite catchy as its sound is still humming in my ears.

Postino – I Love It (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from Will Kindrick on Vimeo.

This post is in a response to Daily Prompt: Island of Misfit Posts

We all have something we’d like to write about, but that doesn’t really “fit” our blog. Write it anyway.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MISFIT.

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