The practice

Spaghetti with pork spam and sweet basil

Spaghetti with pork spam and sweet basil

If you notice on the right-hand side of this blog’s homepage, you will see the category called ‘Cooking with my mom’ which I rarely post under it. I think I can be good at cooking but I didn’t get a chance to help my mom in our kitchen that much when I was young as my regular house chore was helping my dad clean our home. The time has passed so much and I started to realize that I need to learn how to cook from my mom especially know my favorite dishes’ recipe.

The above food was one of my attempts to cook my preferred dish. I helped her prepare this dish 3-4 times before but this time I mostly did it by myself. It started by heating up water with a bit of salt and then boiling spaghetti around 12 mins. In the meantime, chop pork spam into dice and stir them in skillet without any oil until their color turns to be darker. After 12 mins for spaghetti are up, check its state and if it’s ok, put it in room temperature water. Then, stir garlic and dry big chili with olive oil until color of garlic change from white to yellow. After that, put spaghetti along with fried pork spam and put seasoning ingredient which my mom teach me to use dry fish stock (from Japan) and Thai fish sauce (Yes! spaghetti with Thai Fish Sauce!). Lastly, put sweet basil and mix everything together until sweet basil is cooked.

That dish was our breakfast last Saturday. The taste was good and I hope that I can do it without my mom’s help next time.

Behind the shot
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On the 4th Monday of every month, the phoneograph challenge is our choice among Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel which I selected Food for this week. More photos from other challengers are here.

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