A Word A Week Challenge – Tropical

My country, Thailand, has a tropical climate which is warm and humid. This time of year, we are in the rainy season. But today the sky was clear and still no sign of rain. This afternoon I went to my aunt’s home to have a Yoga session with her. We practiced Yoga in her bedroom which we could see the abandoned garden behind her home from the bedroom windows. Despite the warm weather, we were cooler from the wind that flew through opening window panels.

Bangkok | Thailand | 2013

Bangkok | Thailand | 2013

After finishing the session, I walked back to my home because our houses weren’t far from each other. It took around 10 minutes to reach my home.  During walking back, I needed to use an umbrella to shield me from the strong rays of light. However, I still snapped some photos along the way. It was good to have a chance to observe these scenes I used to pass a lot but I might overlook something.


Bangkok | Thailand | 2013

Even though the above photos were taken here in Bangkok, not on any island or beach. I wish that they can represent Tropical for this week’s A word A week challenge from Sue.

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