Another time to share

This post might be longer that I expected but first of all, I’d like to share one blogger companion’s story whose life has been changed by an unfortunate circumstance. His name is Edward Echwalu who is a Ugandan freelance professional photojournalist with ReutersIrin Newsand The Observer (Uganda).  On 20th June 2013, all of his camera gears were stolen.


My livelihood and profession is dependent on taking pictures. It’s my hobby, my passion, my bread, my hope for today and tomorrow. Waking up the next day knowing I didn’t have what defined who I am, who I have become was a hard feeling to hide.

– Imagine losing your life time investment in a flash!!

I came across his blog by WordPress’s recommendation on blogs I may like around a month ago, and Yes! when I saw his photos on the blog, I liked them. Not only they were fascinating, but they were also telling the stories behind them. I was totally captivated by his photos. When I read about his misfortune story, I felt sorry for him especially by his above words. Imagine it occurred to me and hope for tomorrows has gone?

There is a campaign sourcing some fund to help him top up on his next gears called African Stories through Photography and there is a Facebook page ‘Echwalu Photography Fundraisers‘ to support this activity.

I still believe in this quote from the Lord of the Rings:

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

I hope you will.

Other things to share are that I got nomination for two blog awards on consecutive days in the week prior to this past week from fellow bloggers.

The first one was Super Sweet Blogging Award which was the 2nd time I got this award. Thank you to lovely Judy Lesko for thinking of me.


The rules are still be the same as the 1st time I got this award so I’ve already replied to the sweet answers on A sweet word.

Another one was The Awesome Blog Content (ABC) from weliveinaflat with Donna (Thank you to her kindness) and the rules for the award are as following details:

To ‘accept’ the award you just add the abc award logo to your blog – the links are at the bottom of this page for you… and then you can share something about yourself with your readers and then pass the award on to other worthy bloggers – there’s no limit to how few – or how many – other bloggers you can send this to.

To share something about yourself – you will need to go through the alphabet and choose a word or phrase for each letter and use that to describe yourself – it might be something about you, something you like, or a place or thing you dream about.

– from the Award creator


Before going to describe myself by following through each alphabet, I think I’d like to mention (nominate) other 1+3 blogs for their sweet awesome blog content. This time, I choose blogs that I liked the way they present their photography.

  • Spilled MillkI liked the idea behind their blog and their photos are also well represented the things they want to communicate.

    Spilled Milk is a collaborative photography blog, featuring a collection of photographs from 14 talented mothers from around the world. We are prompted by a weekly theme reflecting some aspect of parenthood and the complexity and beauty that comes with raising our kids.
    – from Spilled Milk –

  • Morgan Wiltshire Photography: I believe that she is a professional photographer and I love color, lights, aspects of her photos. They are inspiring.
  • Patrick Tan Photography: He is a freelance photographer and I saw his works on the wedding parties which I think that they truly captured the sweet romantic vibe from that kind of events.
  • You must be somewhere in London: Ha, the blog name is cool and her photos are awesome. I like the color shades that she manage in photos posted on the blog. And of course, I liked everything related to England especially when she posted about English countryside. Love it!

The photos on the above blogs are inspiring. They motivate me to want to do something about my photography skill but I think it will need a lot of effort. In the meantime, I will see and admire their photos for the way they see the world.

Let’s get back to my world via alphabet:

A Analytical
B Books
C Cats
D Dogs
E Espresso
F Friendship
G Gadgets
H Home
I Intellectual
J Jump
K Kindle
L Listen
M Music
N Normal
O Omlet
P Pooh
Q Questions
R Radiohead
S Sleepy
T Travel
U Upgrade
V Vintage
W Winter
X Xtra Butter
Y Yawn
Z Zing!

Last but not least, thank you again to Judy Lesko and Weliveinaflat with Donna for these two awards nomination.

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