I came across this challenge created by Frizztext who will walk his readers through letter A to Z every week. And just on the 2nd of July that he was back to start at letter ‘A’ again. I think it was a good sign for me to participate this challenge too. So this post is my interpretation of letter ‘A’.

As I mentioned earlier in this post ‘Water, Brush, and Paper‘ that I took course of water colour painting. I finished that course last month, and I would like to take the advance course but before doing that; I need to practice painting more and more. My teacher told me that the best way to practice for a beginner like me is that I should paint something in the same proportion as the subject. Thus, I could understand how the size, shape, shade, and etc. of things surrounding us present.

I decided to practice paintings by imitating my photos that I used iPhone app to create photos in the Polaroid style. The photo size is around 9 x 9 cm (3.5 x 3.5 inches) which is quite small. My teacher suggested that small pictures need the painter to take care of every details to be similar to the subject. I think this is a good practice for me to let me try to see details in the subjects. Moreover, it might take around 2-4 hours to finish each picture which I think I can handle that.

I’ve promised myself to paint 10 pictures and I will move on to the bigger photo size after that. So far I’ve painted 4 pictures, and 3 pictures in the below photo. They are my attempts at the water colour painting practice.


I just finished the forth picture before writing this post and I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. But I’m glad that I kept trying as I started to see how water, brush, and paper could affect the water colour painting.

Even if sometimes the outcome might not be what I expected, I will keep on this attempt.  I will try not to give up. I promise myself again.


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