Before they disappear

Photo 7-8-56 BE, 20 16 18

Photo 7-8-56 BE, 20 16 49

Photo 7-8-56 BE, 20 18 07

Behind the shots
Camera: iPhone 4, Hipstamatic
Cropped: Rotate & Crop
Re-sized: EverClipper
Credited: Phonto

I applied the method from this web to the macro shots by using iPhone 4. The article author suggested some approaches to get better iPhone Macro Shots. I chose to use the magnifying glass method which I borrowed it from my dad. It is in the rectangular shape. I held it between the subjects and my iPhone which they sometimes were in awkward positions as I tried to arrange iPhone lens to in the same line of the subject behind the glass. It was even more difficult when I tried to touch iPhone screen to get the auto focus or AF/AE lock because I was afraid of dropping my iPhone. Anyway, I’m moderately satisfied with the outcome of those water drops taken by iPhone. And I decided to choose 3 out of many trial-and-error photos to participate in Phoneography Challenge: Macro.

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