The quiet week

In case you happen to notice something about my past 4-5 posts on this blog, I didn’t write much. Actually, one of my main goals for this blog is that I’d like to practice my English writing. I’m therefore trying to not post only single video or just pictures except for some topics. However, I mainly chose to post photos or video for my latest posts as I was quite busy since Monday but it wasn’t related to work at all .. ha ha .. it was related to my next oversea trip.

As I mentioned earlier in this post that Japan will let Thai travelers enter their country in short term (15 days) without Visa requirement which the effective date has already started from 1st July 2013. Some of you might know that I really love traveling in Japan and I can go there many times without getting bored even though I’ve been there 7 times already. And yes! the next one is coming which my brother and I will take our aunt to visit Japan for the 1st time.

That’s why I didn’t have much free time for each day during past week because I tried to finish significant pre-travel tasks which were buying cheap but efficient schedule airline and reserving good value hotels. Just these two tasks, but consuming a lot of my time. Although our trip will be in December this year (around 5 months from now), but that period can be considered as the peak period for travelling there. So I tried to finish those two tasks as soon as possible.

I faced a few issues such as unsuccessful buying an air ticket on the internet which the system has already confirmed its amount with my credit card company, but it didn’t send confirmation and an e-ticket to my e-mail. In order to get those necessary documents,  I needed to contact the air ticket company which wasn’t an impressive experience.

Anyway, everything seems to be fine now as I have got e-tickets and hotels’s booking reservation numbers. After this, I will need to plan a trip and write our Itinerary in Japan because it’s in list of required documents for entering Japan under this new regulation.

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Tokyo | Japan | Mar – 2013

Even though I might complain about some processes along the line,  I love planning and I love travel, not only to Japan but also other countries so when I’m asked by dailypost as below prompt:

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

I would like to get paid from writing about my journey. The scenario would be like this … someone will come across this blog, read my stories, love it, and finally offer me to write about my oversea trips. It would be far better, if they financially support my trips too!

Yep, that singular dream of my life changing is hard to be true but my next trip to Japan will truly happen soon.


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