The broken ear



Behind the shot

Camera: Hipstamatic with Lens ‘John S’ and Film ‘AO DLX’ on iPhone4

Re-size, caption and credit: Typesetter

It is my iPhone 4’s small talk. I’ve used this phone for 2 years and a half which I think it’s enough to cover the amount I’ve paid for. I use my phone almost everyday and I often listen to music via those earphones. When I saw those 3 parts were separated, I’d like to take some photos of them. Why? I didn’t know, perhaps I just wanted to post some on my Facebook wall. And after taking many photos, I liked its black and white versions the most.

I couldn’t put it in my ear as the front cover would remain in my ear hole when I pull the earphone from there. So I asked my dad to stick the front cover to the remaining part by glue. I didn’t hope much for the result. Anyway, finally it worked but the sound from that right side isn’t as loud as from the good left side. But I’m fine with that because I don’t want to buy the new earphones just for my iPhone 4. I hope everything will not fall apart until the new iPhone is released in this fall. (Cross Fingers).

This photo is for taking part in Phoneography Challenge: Black and White.

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