I like it here

I was notified from weliveinaflat about an award nomination since the beginning of this month. It was the ‘WordPress Family Award’. Thank you to weliveinaflat for thinking of me.


Actually, this was the 2nd time for me to get this award nomination. The 1st time was from frontrangescribbles which it was also the 1st award I got here in the WordPress blog world.

Regarding the information on the award owner’s page that I’ve followed the link from weliveinaflat blog, this award was to nominate blogs that give an impact on you in this WordPress friends and family here.

Before this completelydisappear blog, I had another WordPress blog that was written about dramas and soundtracks. Back then, I don’t think WordPress had this kind of platform before as it was quite hard to form any relationship with other bloggers. I finally stopped blogging here and turned to create my own website written in Thai instead. However, I decided to choose WordPress when I’d like give it a try on blogging again. It seems that WordPress community has drastically changed from the time when I had my first blog here. And I like it here.

I believe that every blog, I have came across, provides impacts for me more or less. It is my pleasure to be able to read interesting stories/comments as well as see creative and stunning photos around here. Moreover, the interactions that I’ve got so far are warm and friendly.

Thank you very much to all of you.

One thought on “I like it here

  1. Strange, thought I left a reply already but WordPress must have swallow it up! :P Anyway, I totally agree that there wasn’t such a community on wordpress before :P Like you I am also a “return user” :P

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