Travel theme: Tilted

Hobart | Tasmania | Australia | 2006

Hobart | Tasmania | Australia | 2006

I like the above photo as it could represent some perspective in real life, which a small tree needs to tilt itself to be able to grow up otherwise it might be broken if it chose to go straight to a big tree. I snapped this picture while I took a hike at Mt.Nelson in Hobart, capital city for the Australian island state of Tasmania, where I spent 6 months living and taking English language courses.

I found information about Truganini Trail on a piece of leaflet that I’ve received from someone. As I like hiking so I asked my ELS (English as a second language) friends for going there with me. The trail is easy which we could start from the signal station on the top and walk down along the path to the road. On the top, we could see the city below. The walk was fine, and we had our lunch (that we packed) on some logs in the woods before reaching the end.


We took a photo of us together when we reached the end. I couldn’t remember how could we take this picture but it was in my friend’s camera.

2 Japanese, 2 Thai and 1 Korean

2 Japanese, 2 Thai and 1 Korean and I still wore eyeglasses (I did Lasik after I came back to Thailand)

My memory of Mt.Nelson has been recently stirred up by a post on Mitzi’s updated Facebook feed. (Mitzi is a Japanese girl whom I was very closed to when I was in Hobart despite the fact that she’s 10 years younger than me) Mitzi has shared a video capturing the Aurora Australis at the Signal Station on Mount Nelson. The video was created by Loic Le Guilly and I think it was spectacular. After seeing it, I just hope I could see things like that with my bare eyes someday.

This post is to participate in Ailsa’s weekly travel theme: Tilted.

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