Creep is the song by my most favorite artist ‘Radiohead’. It might be considered as the most well-known song from this band for general audiences but it isn’t my most favorite choice from the band. None the less, I think this song will never feel old despite being released since 1992.

Radiohead released “Creep” as their debut single in 1992, and it later appeared on their first album, Pablo Honey (1993). During its initial release, “Creep” was not a chart success. However, upon re-release in 1993, it became a worldwide hit. Attendees of Radiohead’s early gigs often exhibited little interest in the band’s other songs, causing the band to react against “Creep” and play it less often during the mid-to-late 1990s. In 1998, halfway through their OK Computer tour, the band dropped the song from set lists altogether. “Creep” was not played live again until 2001, but it has since reappeared several times on the band’s live sets.


As a fan of Radiohead, I can truly say that I could listen to all albums without getting bored. And it’s quite weird that I would feel better by just listening to their album every time I feel sad or emotionally beaten or simply bored. Usually, I will choose ‘The Bends’, ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ as my mental healing. The 1st album ‘Pablo Honey’ is scarcely my choice. So I haven’t got a chance to revive my thought related to ‘Creep’ that often.

Why does it reach to many listener? I think it is from the lyrics that can represent the feeling of alienation. I believe that once in a while we can feel out-of-place. We could be the one who doesn’t belong here. When I listen to the song, I feel like I could relate to the lyrics at some point. And that might be the same react from others whilst listening to the song.

I don’t care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice when I’m not around
You’re so fucking special
I wish I was special

But I’m a creep
I’m a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here

Creep has been covered by a lot of musicians, some are famous while some aren’t. I think the recent cover version that gains a lot of attention is the one by Scala & Kolacny Brothers (Belgian Women’s Choir) in ‘The Social Network Trailer (2010)‘. This trailer is an example of the powerful mixture between song/lyrics and movie scenes. Like I could repeatedly watch the trailers and feel the thrill comes from it. It also shows how timeless Creep’s lyrics can be.

I created the playlist that includes 15 versions of Creep. Some cover versions are so different from the original one which I think they are awesome.

Song List

  1. Radiohead – Creep (Album Version)
  2. Radiohead – Creep (Acoustic Version)
  3. Radiohead – Creep (Live Version)
  4. Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Creep (Choir Version)
  5. Glee Cast – Creep (Drama Version)
  6. Richard Cheese – Creep (Crooner Version)
  7. Frank Bennett – Creep (Big Band Version)
  8. SKAndalous All-Stars – Creep (Ska Version)
  9. Karen Souza – Creep (Jazz Version)
  10. Carrie Manolakos – Creep (Ballad Version)
  11. Macy Gray – Creep (Macy Version)
  12. Korn – Creep (Unplugged Version)
  13. Damien Rice – Creep (Acoustic Version)
  14. Tears for Fears – Creep (Slow Rock Version)
  15. Edmund Welles – Creep (Quartet Version)

Remarks: Some versions replace ‘Fucking Special’ with ‘Very Special’ according to the release for the US radio replay.

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A word A week Challenge – Unexpected

20 Jul 2013 in the morning

Photo 7-20-56 BE, 19 16 02

That is my car and Yep! its windshield was taken off by repair men. Nope, it wasn’t unexpected as I knew it would happen and I was the one who needed that service.

So let’s me tell you what I didn’t expect…

18 July 2013 around 6:40 – 7:00 am

I arrived at my company and I parked my car in my usual area. I had this routine to do some stuff in my car about 5-10 minutes before going to my office. However, I noticed an out-of-ordinary thing when I turned to see a car parking two lanes away. And I thought … what the … was that?

Photo 7-20-56 BE, 18 59 01

So I just sat in my car and took some photos of that unexpected thing. I tried to reason why the cute little doll was attached on the car’s driver window. I could come up with 3 possibilities.

  1. The doll might have fallen from the car and someone saw it so they’d like to return it to the owner.
  2. Someone might have wanted to give a surprise gift to the car owner so the best way was to attach an adorable doll on the car window (Love is in the air, I can feel)
  3. The car driver may have thought of the new method to show that little pink rabbit doll to the world!

When I talked to my colleagues along with sharing my thoughts and photos, they agreed with the first two ideas but they said the 3rd one sound too crazy to be true. I see…

Wait a minute, Hey … you may question that I still didn’t talk about my car’s windshield … right?

18 July 2013, 5:15 pm

I walked to a parking lot with my junior colleague. She stopped and looked at my car’s windscreen, then she pointed something and called me to look at it. That was the time I saw a crack on my car’s windscreen. Its length was around 45 cm (18 inches) and it started from the small spot.

At that moment, I realized of the time when I heard a loud bang while driving my car to work in the morning.

18 July 2013 6:00 – 6:30 am

While I was driving and singing along with a One direction’s song, oops no I meant the Killers’s song or Two door cinema club or whatever, I heard a very loud ‘Bang’ when I tried to overtake a giant truck driving on the next lane. I wasn’t sure what happened so I tried to look around my car from wing and rearview mirrors, but I saw nothing wrong.

And when I arrived at my company, I believed that I didn’t see that crack on my windshield or I might have been busy taking that unexpected thing on another car so I overlooked my own unexpected situation T_T

18 July 2013 in the evening

Photo 7-20-56 BE, 19 05 39

I told my parents about the crack. My dad said I shouldn’t drive my car until the windscreen has been changed. So I decided to work from home on Friday (19 July 2013).

20 July 2013 around 11:00 am

Photo 7-20-56 BE, 19 18 29

I’ve finally got a brand new windscreen and film. There are 7 cautions to be aware of after changing to a new one. Luckily, my car insurance covered this kind of accident so I don’t have to pay for the new mirror otherwise I would have been sadder than this as my cash flow isn’t in a good status after a paid for three air tickets of my upcoming trips.

According to word count from WordPress, it turned out that I required about 588 words to give a response to A word A Week challenge – Unexpected.

I like it here

I was notified from weliveinaflat about an award nomination since the beginning of this month. It was the ‘WordPress Family Award’. Thank you to weliveinaflat for thinking of me.


Actually, this was the 2nd time for me to get this award nomination. The 1st time was from frontrangescribbles which it was also the 1st award I got here in the WordPress blog world.

Regarding the information on the award owner’s page that I’ve followed the link from weliveinaflat blog, this award was to nominate blogs that give an impact on you in this WordPress friends and family here.

Before this completelydisappear blog, I had another WordPress blog that was written about dramas and soundtracks. Back then, I don’t think WordPress had this kind of platform before as it was quite hard to form any relationship with other bloggers. I finally stopped blogging here and turned to create my own website written in Thai instead. However, I decided to choose WordPress when I’d like give it a try on blogging again. It seems that WordPress community has drastically changed from the time when I had my first blog here. And I like it here.

I believe that every blog, I have came across, provides impacts for me more or less. It is my pleasure to be able to read interesting stories/comments as well as see creative and stunning photos around here. Moreover, the interactions that I’ve got so far are warm and friendly.

Thank you very much to all of you.

The broken ear



Behind the shot

Camera: Hipstamatic with Lens ‘John S’ and Film ‘AO DLX’ on iPhone4

Re-size, caption and credit: Typesetter

It is my iPhone 4’s small talk. I’ve used this phone for 2 years and a half which I think it’s enough to cover the amount I’ve paid for. I use my phone almost everyday and I often listen to music via those earphones. When I saw those 3 parts were separated, I’d like to take some photos of them. Why? I didn’t know, perhaps I just wanted to post some on my Facebook wall. And after taking many photos, I liked its black and white versions the most.

I couldn’t put it in my ear as the front cover would remain in my ear hole when I pull the earphone from there. So I asked my dad to stick the front cover to the remaining part by glue. I didn’t hope much for the result. Anyway, finally it worked but the sound from that right side isn’t as loud as from the good left side. But I’m fine with that because I don’t want to buy the new earphones just for my iPhone 4. I hope everything will not fall apart until the new iPhone is released in this fall. (Cross Fingers).

This photo is for taking part in Phoneography Challenge: Black and White.


I knew that I have mentioned this book before on another post. However, when I was pondering what should I write in a response to the letter ‘B’ challenge from Frizztext, I knew I had to write about Boy by Roald Dahl.

Photo 7-14-99 BE, 19 57 49

I believe that this book had a significant impact on my reading habits. My aunt tried to nurture her niece and nephew (Me and my younger brother) to be book lovers. I’m always grateful towards my aunt and my father who’ve supported us with many interesting books. I’ve read a lot of Children’s literature translated from foreign languages to Thai, and one of my most favourite authors was Roald Dahl.

Photo 7-14-99 BE, 19 58 08

Even though ‘Boy’ wasn’t the first book from Roald Dahl that I read, it is still my most favourite one from him. I loved the way he portrayed his childhood life as he started from a brief story of his father, and its length couldn’t effect the loves and cares that his father provided for his own children.

A chronicle of his childhood through teenagers has been narrated in this book. He told about his pranks when he was a kid. That story about a dead rat and a candy shop was hilarious and I still remember it till today despite the fact that my first reading was more than 20 years ago. He also mentioned the punishment system in his schools which I think they was sort of cruel and I believe that he would have never faced it if he was a student in the present time.

Photo 7-14-99 BE, 19 54 26

Photo 7-14-99 BE, 19 59 50

The Principle (Again)

Moreover, I adored the relationship between his mother and him. I think his mom was a wonderful and strong woman. Their connection could bring tears from my eyes. Warm and  so much love.

Photo 7-14-99 BE, 19 54 46Before writing this post, I re-read the book and I still enjoyed every single moment in it. It was a pleasure time that I could feel a piece of paper between my fingers and indulge in reading. It also reminded me of the time when I was a girl reading the story of a Boy.

Photo 7-14-99 BE, 19 55 02

The quiet week

In case you happen to notice something about my past 4-5 posts on this blog, I didn’t write much. Actually, one of my main goals for this blog is that I’d like to practice my English writing. I’m therefore trying to not post only single video or just pictures except for some topics. However, I mainly chose to post photos or video for my latest posts as I was quite busy since Monday but it wasn’t related to work at all .. ha ha .. it was related to my next oversea trip.

As I mentioned earlier in this post that Japan will let Thai travelers enter their country in short term (15 days) without Visa requirement which the effective date has already started from 1st July 2013. Some of you might know that I really love traveling in Japan and I can go there many times without getting bored even though I’ve been there 7 times already. And yes! the next one is coming which my brother and I will take our aunt to visit Japan for the 1st time.

That’s why I didn’t have much free time for each day during past week because I tried to finish significant pre-travel tasks which were buying cheap but efficient schedule airline and reserving good value hotels. Just these two tasks, but consuming a lot of my time. Although our trip will be in December this year (around 5 months from now), but that period can be considered as the peak period for travelling there. So I tried to finish those two tasks as soon as possible.

I faced a few issues such as unsuccessful buying an air ticket on the internet which the system has already confirmed its amount with my credit card company, but it didn’t send confirmation and an e-ticket to my e-mail. In order to get those necessary documents,  I needed to contact the air ticket company which wasn’t an impressive experience.

Anyway, everything seems to be fine now as I have got e-tickets and hotels’s booking reservation numbers. After this, I will need to plan a trip and write our Itinerary in Japan because it’s in list of required documents for entering Japan under this new regulation.

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Tokyo | Japan | Mar – 2013

Even though I might complain about some processes along the line,  I love planning and I love travel, not only to Japan but also other countries so when I’m asked by dailypost as below prompt:

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

I would like to get paid from writing about my journey. The scenario would be like this … someone will come across this blog, read my stories, love it, and finally offer me to write about my oversea trips. It would be far better, if they financially support my trips too!

Yep, that singular dream of my life changing is hard to be true but my next trip to Japan will truly happen soon.