The collective / {a couple} / strangers

The perk of being blogs follower is that I often come across inspiring/sweet/admirable stories such as these three blogs that I’d like to talk about. Some of you might have followed them already, but if you haven’t done that I hope you might drop by them and enjoy your time as I do.

I'm reading The Paperbook Collective 1st issue on my computer.

I’m reading The Paperbook Collective 1st issue on my computer.

Jayde-Ashe of the paperbook blog has set the project of releasing magazine that we could read online or print out to read everywhere we want. The magazine collects the works created by people around the blogosphere which will firstly be published on the magazine, and the 1st issue has already been launched on 1st August 2013. You can find it here along with behind the scene story as well as the detail of work submission for the next issue.

I think what she’s done is inspiring.

KeyandArrow is a blog that I’ve recently followed as I started from the blog of boredpictures. Usually, he posts photos but one day he mentioned his girlfriend in a post introducing another website called ‘keyandarrow’. So I visited that site and I like what I saw. It is a life and style blog which I think the blog template is good for reading. Moreover, the background story of blog is sweet starting from a couple who met via blogging and decided to start a blog together.

Even though I believe that I will never meet someone who has meant to be with me, but I always feel happy for everyone who could meet the right one in their life.

Slapthesunshine is another blog that I followed not long ago. Some of her posts will be related to a goal to approach strangers and ask about their interesting acts or dreams. So far I’ve read 3-4 of her posts regarding that topic beginning with this post, and they were refreshing.

From her project, I admire her because I don’t think I can do the same thing as her, initiating talks to the strangers. If I do that, I might turn to be a stone statue.


3 thoughts on “The collective / {a couple} / strangers

  1. Hi completelydisappear! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post! I feel so honored :) I haven’t done the stranger thing in awhile… But maybe I will today! Thanks again and sorry for the late comment- have been busy settling into Seychelles and all. Anyway, see you around!

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