Better smile before being eaten up!

Better smile before being eaten up!

One of my friends possesses this unjustified belief that food with egg’s always delicious because of the tasty characteristic of egg itself. When I come to ponder my friend’s comment, I’m likely to agree with her idea except one truth for me that egg can’t improve cucumber’s taste no matter what.

In Thailand, we use eggs as ingredients in a lot of recipes which are both main dishes and Thai dessert. Also, it’s very easy to beat some eggs and pour them to the pan, and then we get the good dish to eat with rice. Moreover, eggs can be mixed together with boiled instant noodle, and we could eat a quick inexpensive meal with protein nutrient. Speaking of noodle mixed with egg, I think it is very easy dish to cook however I rarely see it on menus at Thai restaurant. Thus, I was kind of surprised with I saw this similar dish on a menu at a small Japanese restaurant in Nikko. It was called ‘Tamako Soba’ (Tamako = egg and Soba is one kind of noodle).


It was a memorable dish for me as I ate it after being exhausted from long walks around Nikko world heritage. It was yummy, and I ate it up without leaving anything inside the bowl.

Yesterday, I tried to cook the same type of dish by using Thai instant noodle with Tom Yam Kung flavour. The egg didn’t beautifully float in a bowl but it was tasty though.


Sometimes, a simple dish like this could contently fill your stomach.
Do you have any favourite egg dish?

This post is a part of  EEE-Challenge.


8 thoughts on “Egg

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  2. I don’t cook eggs often, but recently my sister and I made something that I liked a lot. We took a small shallow ceramic dish that’s made for baking and coated the inside with a little butter so the eggs wouldn’t stick. Then we cracked two eggs into it. I broke the yoke because I don’t like the taste of yoke by itself and wanted it to mix a little. Then I put grated cheese on it and a spice mix called “Peruvian chile lime.” It has cumin, salt, mild chili powder, annatto (a type of seed), turmeric, aji amarillo chiles (also called Peruvian yellow chiles), kaffir lime leaves, Mexican oregano, and cilantro. I think I also added a little extra salt too. After that we baked it in an oven. It was very good. :)

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  4. When I cook Maggi Mee instant noodles (soup, chicken flavour), I always add an egg. Sometimes, I will stir the egg until it’s all messed up and it flows pretty good. Other times, I put in the seasoning in the boiling water first, put in the egg, wait until the egg is cooked (somewhat hard and non-runny) and add in the instant noodles :)

    • Ha … I liked my egg in noodle to be messed up and flow beautifully which I add it after noodle is cooked. Anyway, the latter method seems to not that hard to follow. I will give it a try!
      Thanks for sharing ;)

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