Will you?

Will you still

Photo 8-5-56 BE, 19 58 25

keep me in your memory

Photo 8-5-56 BE, 19 59 09

when the time arrives and I will eventually disappear?

Photo 8-5-56 BE, 19 57 49

Behind the shots:

App: Hipstamatic with ‘John S’ Lens and ‘Alfred Infrared’ film, no flash.

Re-size and credit: Typesetter

The 1st Monday for Phoneography Chellenge is Nature photography. So I decided to take photos of blooming flowers in my family’s pot plants. But when my eyes moved to see those withered flowers on soil, I reckoned that their beauty doesn’t exist forever. Their lives will finally come to an end like the other living things. However, those flowers return their values to the world with their lively and elegant posture for our eyes as well as their sweetness for birds and bees despite their short lives on the Earth. And when they die, they could turn to nourish their next followers.