Dirty Paws

It started from one remarkable movie trailer ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’ which is one of brilliant film trailers. This 2-minute trailer doesn’t have to explain everything to audiences, but it still could drive watchers’ attention. Moreover, I believe that some people possibly go straight to find more information of a song in the trailer as that song ‘Dirty Paws’ plays the significant role in trailer.

‘Dirty Paws’ is a song by an Icelandic music band named ‘Of Monsters and Men‘. I think that some of you might have already known them or listened to their songs because they released their first album ‘My head is an animal’ in 2012 (worldwide). I have also heard of them since last year and got a chance to listen to their few songs. I knew that their music is awesome, but I couldn’t find their CD album here in my country.

Anyway, I just bought their album in iTune store Thailand after seeing the above trailer. I love every song as they are so beautiful to listen to. I love when the songs consist of a variety of music instrument, not only basic one.

Feel happy as it seem that I re-discover a great album.

Many thanks to Walter Mitty. I still watch the trailer again and again.


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