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If I told you that Tasmanian Devil was the reason why I chose Tasmania as my destination for English language learning, would it sound ridiculous? Actually, the devil wasn’t the reason but I wanted to see them because I have been wondering how the real one looked like comparing with the one by Looney Tunes.


Tasmania | Australia | 2006

When I went hiking in Tasmania, I did hope that I would see them along walking trails but I didn’t see them. So before going back to Thailand, my host family took my friends and me to visit a zoo where I could look at the devils for the first time.


During my stay in Tasmania, there was contagious ‘Devil Facial Tumour Disease‘ that threatened this animal. It was a concerned issue because the relevant authority didn’t know how to cure the disease so they were quite afraid of extinction. This disease would prevent the devils from eating so they would die from starvation.


I remembered that there were many news related to this issue, and the Looney Tunes’ Taz also launched a project to donate to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.


We can follow the progress of the Save the Devil program via their FaceBook page.


Please help and follow me! – The devil

This post responds to Travel Theme: Wild.


6 thoughts on “Travel theme: Wild

  1. Devils are nocturnal, so you would rarely see on during the day, unless it was road kill. They are dying out, because the disease, a facial cancer, is so contagious. The only hope for them is a population of devils that does not have the facial disease that lives on the mainland. I really like them but fear for their future. Other Tasmanian species have become extinct and the fox has now inadvertantly entered Tasmania, and will predate on the devil as well.

    • Thank you for sharing this. I have been wondering about them and the disease. It’s quite sad news about their dying out. I just hope that they will not be extinct. I remembered that there was once Tasmania Tiger which they are no longer on the Earth. Hopefully the devils will not be like that.

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