Father and his daughter

Photograph by Toyokazu Nagano

Photos by Toyokazu Nagano

Her name is Kanna. She is a 4 year old Japanese girl. Her father is Toyokazu Nagano. He is a regular dad who possesses cameras and wants to take photos of his little princess. I found his works via memodernmet where you can see more photos for the same series.

Toyokazu Nagano is a Japanese photographer whose dream is to take a picture of Girls’ Generation for their official photograph (according to the ‘about’ message on his Facebook). In case you don’t know about Girls’ Generation, let me tell you that they are a very popular Korean girl group. So when I read his ‘about’ message, I can’t help smiling and I wasn’t surprised with his sense of humour in his photos. He has his flickr album called ‘My daughter kana‘ which contains photos more than 180 pieces. Some of them are in the same setting scene as above pictures.

He also has a project called ‘Kiss me please‘ as he believes that all the things could be resolved by kissing.

Photos by Toyokazu Nagano

Photos by Toyokazu Nagano


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