Travel theme: Architecture

Hida Folk Village (飛騨民俗村) was where I chose to respond to Ailsa’s travel theme this week. It is an open air museum located in Takayama, Japan. My family and I went there in 2008. It is well-known for the traditional architectural styles of old farmhouses which were removed from their original locations and moved to this museum. Their ranges in age are from 100 to 500 years. The interesting architecture there is the sloped- and thatched-roof houses, such as gasshō-zukuri-styled buildings (reference).


4 thoughts on “Travel theme: Architecture

    • Unfortunately, we didn’t go to Shirakawa-go because we were staying in Nagoya and we needed to go back so we didn’t have enough time to visit that village. Hopefully, I can go there in the future.

      Thanks for stop-by. :-)

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