A new hope

a new hope

Behind the shot
Camera: iphone 4
Cropped, edited, and filtered: camera 360 and Line Camera
Re-size: EverClipper
Credited: Phonto

Despite using Camera 360 quite for a while, I just found out that it has this B&W filter which leaves a certain area to be in colour. So I used it to crop, edit and apply the B&W green filter to the photo. This young plant has started to grow up next to the old dry one. I captured many photos of them by using iPhone, Olympus and Ricoh. I haven’t checked photos in Olympus and Ricoh yet but I was pretty satisfied with iPhone’s photos.

This post responds to Phoneography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel) which I choose Still Life photography for my entry.

6 thoughts on “A new hope

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  2. I could never achieve the result I want with the black/white + colour filter despite playing with it sometimes, so I find those filters are pretty much hit and miss :P But the app does have a lot of different filters so when I run out of things to do, I’ll go back there and try something new haha!

    • This app was quite popular here in Thailand especially the Magic Skin filter. I knew this app because my friend told me that his girlfriend always uses this app taking selfie and send the photos to him. My friend said she looks more beautiful because of the filter in this app. Ha Ha … So I went to download the app instantly :D

      I think this app is cool because of a lot of filters and it’s free!

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