Like at first read


Pic Credit – Mourgefile

Have you remembered the time when you decide to follow blogs? Why did you follow them? Which post/photos did you like? For me, I could recall the reason of following some blogs such as this blog ‘Being Nenne‘ who recently nominated me for the Liebster award which was my 2nd time to get it. I’ve written the post ‘Around the blogsphere‘ for my 1st time nomination which was the longest post in this blog so far. Thank you to Being Nenne for thinking of me.

So how could I find Being Nenne’s blog? As it wasn’t long ago, I could still trace back the discovery path. It started when I saw this updated feed from our friend, Daily Post, called ‘The Art of the Open Letter‘. I read the post and looked into the comments. One of comments was from Being Nenne, and it led me to her post ‘I am Nenne and I am an FB lurker/stalker‘ which talked about Facebook & Friends. I think her post could show another aspect of Facebook world where we could sneak a peek at other people’s life with free permission, and I liked what she said in the post. Then, I did what I usually did when I found new blogs – I went to read her About page and I liked the way she described herself, short message but effectively telling about her.

When I felt something like this, I would call it ‘Like at first read’. And of course, I followed her. Thank you to her again for thinking of me about the award, and I hope that some of you might stop by her blog which has just begun in July this year.