Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

The opposite of me.

I believe that she would have smaller eyes and nose.

Her skin face would be flawless {because mine still has acne blemishes and pimples.}

She would be 170 cm tall (5 ft 6″) {while I’m only 155 cm (5 ft).}

Her calves would be in a slim shape {since mine are bigger than they should be.}

She would be popular with guys and she would get the perfect man for herself.


She must be good at small talks and making friends.

Her voice would be sweet and soft.

She would have a lot of friends but wouldn’t have any closed one.

She would mess up her work because she wouldn’t like planning.

She must love spending her free time on going outside,meeting her friends, dancing in clubs.

She would hate staying at home except for sleep.


If she went travel, she would go on tours because she wouldn’t love going by herself.

She would love cucumber.

Her happiness must come in great values {because she wouldn’t care the moments of small happiness like me.}

She wouldn’t fond of cats and dogs.

If she happened to listen to music, she would be crazy about speed metal.

She would loathe reading and writing.

That’s why this post would completely disappear.

Because this blog would never exist.


Fortunately, this post can be published because it is a hypothesis as the entry for Daily Prompt: The Full Moon.

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

In her mind

a dog

Behind the shot
Snapped by using Hipstamatic with ‘John S’ Lens and ‘BlackKeys Extra Fine’ film.
Cropped in Line Camera.
Re-sized in EverClipper
Credited in LabelBox

“In her mind” is actually shorten from “What’s in her mind?”. That was the question I was thinking while taking some photos of my family’s dog “Kook Kai” (I introduced her in this post ‘Little Chicken‘.) Usually, she is staying inside our house building. However, we will let her outside the building in the morning and the afternoon. She will run and walk around and sniff something. After that, she will just sit on our terrace and look out. Every time I see her doing that, I want to know what’s in her mind. What’s she thinking about? I think she’s happy by just sitting there and looking around although we cannot allow her to go beyond the wall surrounding our home. But the wind and the fresh air should give a different environment from her normal living inside our house.

This post is in response to Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: Black and White.


When I was a kid, I usually spent my free time reading books, playing paper dolls or creating houses from wood blocks. Those activities were my hobbies at home. And when I met my friends at school, we would have games that we often played together. There were two popular games for Thai girls that I still recalled till these days. (Normally, Thai boys had their own games which were different from girls.)

The first one was หมากเก็บ (Pronounce = Mark-Keb). The original component was 5 pieces of very small rocks which didn’t have the sharp edge because we would need to be able to hold them in one hand. We would spread those rocks on solid surface. We would choose one rock to toss up, pick the remaining one, and try to be ready to catch the falling rock. We had different levels to beat – Try to pick one rock, two, three, four and flip our hands for five rocks. The below video showed how to play it from the beginning. (I found it on youtube which they had the competition in their school so girls were cheering and shouting.)


Another one was กระโดดยาง (Pronounce = Kra-Doad-Yang). The main tool was the string of elastic bands as below picture.

It needed at least 3 person to play this game as two to hold the string and one to jump across it. There were around 8 high levels to compete starting from ankle-height, knee, lower bottom, waist, chest, ears, head and above head. We didn’t need to follow all of them. Anyway, the best person was the one who could pass the above-head height. Moreover, we needed to know the trick how to jump without showing underwear because we had to wear skirt for Thai girls’ student uniform.
The below video was quite good to display some techniques for this game although she couldn’t pass the last level (above head).

At first, I’m not sure whether kids these days play these games or not. However, I could find the above clips on Youtube so I believe that these Thai games still play the parts in Thai children despite of the era of computers, smart phones, tablets and the internet.

This post was an entry for GGG Challenge by Frizztext.

A Word A Week Challenge – Herd

I want to say that a challenge from Sue’s a word a week this week is quite difficult for me. Yep, herd is hard. I tried to figure out how I can respond to the challenge. Did I have something to post or should I better skip this challenge? But challenge is a challenge which means that I don’t want to easily give up.

I tried to come up with something so I decided to use my beginner skills on water color painting to paint sheep on a field in response for this challenge. (I like sheep so when I looked up for the meaning of herd on the internet. One of its example was a herd of sheep.) I didn’t know how to draw sheep so I asked Google and I followed the drawing instruction on this website. However, I haven’t finished the painting yet because I practiced painting another picture at the same time. Anyway, I applied a cartoon filter on my unfinished sheep painting by using mobile application called ‘Camera 360’. The result is quite acceptable for me.

how dare me to call this art?!?

how dare me to call this art?!?

Another method I thought of was that I would adapt some photos using another mobile application ‘BlendCam’. (I saw some photos on weliveinaflat and I liked them so I asked her what application she used. That was the way I knew this app.) The app lets us to blend many photos into the same picture. As I had this painting of a field in front of snowy mountain which I painted it in my class. I mixed that picture with photos of sheep push pins.

What was I thinking when I did this !?!

What was I thinking when I did this !?!

Two pictures were still not enough to make me shy away from this challenge. I was back to the same old approach so I searched for some photos in my trips’ folders. And I found this picture which I photographed when I traveled in England with my friends.

Yeah! Sheeeeeeep HaPPY EaTiNG!

Yeah! Sheeeeeeep HaPPY EaTiNG!

The Moments

Thank you very much to the Canary for my nomination on The Best Moment Award.

best-moment-awardThe award certainly comes with the rules:

1. Display the award logo

2. Link back to the person who nominated you

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 10-15 other bloggers for this award.

I sometimes might not follow all rules because of my own reason that I’ve explained on this post.

For 7 things about myself, this time I’d like to state the moments when I could touch a small happiness in my ordinary life.

1. The moments when I discover the amazing songs/albums/music.

2. The moments when I read the unstoppable books.

3. The moments when I eat my favourite meals.

4. The moments when I see adorable cat or dog photos/videos.

5. The moments when I arrive home without dealing with bad traffics.

6. The moments when I lay down on my bed and read WordPress blogs.

7. The moments when I laugh while watching hilarious videos such as this one below.

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

Ahh… it seems that the embed code isn’t working so I just put the link here: StePhest Colbchella ‘013 – Daft Punk’d


Travel theme: Architecture

Hida Folk Village (飛騨民俗村) was where I chose to respond to Ailsa’s travel theme this week. It is an open air museum located in Takayama, Japan. My family and I went there in 2008. It is well-known for the traditional architectural styles of old farmhouses which were removed from their original locations and moved to this museum. Their ranges in age are from 100 to 500 years. The interesting architecture there is the sloped- and thatched-roof houses, such as gasshō-zukuri-styled buildings (reference).


I’ve got a chance to go to the Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) where held the free exhibition “Life of Terada Mokei” showing the 1/100 scale paper models. The tiny models imitated general living things around us with the same composition as the real one. Actually, I wanted to photograph the paper models with Ricoh R6 which is good at Macro shots. However, I forgot to bring a SD card with me so I changed to use iPhone 4 for photograph. Surprisingly, the picture quality turned out to be quite good (in my opinion) as the outcome could capture certain detail in the models.

Why 1/100 Scale?
The 1/100 scale is the most popular scale when it comes to architectural building models.
From models of houses and apartments, to public facilities and shopping centers, all these different sized buildings are possible to represent. In addition, since interiors, furniture and similar objects can also be represented on a generic scale, accessory sets have become 1/ 100 in size. Also, I think the 1/100 scale makes it easy to create various abstract and distorted items. However the 1/200 and 1/300 scales are too small making for very little room to work within. As for the 1/50 and 1/30 scales, I’m concerned about the texture and the detail of the shapes. I think that 1/100 is the perfect scale for creating, as it creates just enough difference in the objects, such as between human poses and gestures, a folding chair and a wooden chair, and a Shiba Inu and a Golden Retriever.

– Naoki Terada, the founder of Terada Mokei

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom – It’s amazing how pieces of paper can definitely convey the beauty of Spring season.

New York

New York – Can you see the famous Logo? I (love) NY?


Bangkok – Yeah! Food stall in Thailand


Amsterdam – Ha… Tulip


Orchestra – Can you hear music?

Competitive Swimming

Competitive Swimming – Phew!

Park 2

Park 2 – There is a poop behind a dog and the owner is going to pick it up.

Food Stall

Food Stall -Oden!

Sorry that I had to break my own rules that I didn’t use iPhone apps to re-size and put credit as I’ve already transferred this set of photos to my computer, but all pictures were captured by iPhone4 Camera. This post participates in Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: Macro Monday.

All models were inside transparent boxes as you could see how small they were compared to person who tried to take photos of them.


More information on Terada Mokei can be found here.