In the Wonderland

Time stands still.

The Strangers.

You and Me.

Walk into.

The Wonderland.

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 20 59 38

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 00 16

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 00 53

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 02 02

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 01 35

and then we leave …

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 02 24

Behind the shots:

  • iPhone 4’s native camera.
  • Applied more 3 filters in Camera 360.
  • Resized by EverClipper.
  • Blog Credit in Phonto.

As I’ve mentioned earlier that I have taken a hike at Phu Soi Dao national park in my country (Thailand) from 20 to 22 Sep this year. After coming back, I have published the post for an entry of the Phoneography Challenge’s 4th Monday which was called ‘Into the Wonderland‘.  The 5th Monday of this challenge is still Challenger’s choice so I decided to continue the Wonderland series in this post. My choice is a mixture of Abstraction and Travel.

More photos from the participants can be found here.


I love music as well as movies so it is easy for me to like the musical theatre/films as the story and music come together. I think the first time that I knew this kind of art when I listened to the compilation album of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s works. The CDs belong to my parents as my mother loves listening to this genre of music. That was the first time I knew The Phantom of the Opera which I still don’t have a chance to see them live on stage. However, I watched a film adapted in 2004, and I loved its soundtrack.

Another musical film that I love so much was Moulin Rouge directed by Baz Luhrmann (he is also my favorite director). I loved everything in this film especially the songs because every song provided the important part portraying characters’ feeling despite not-originally-composed songs for this film. The casts were also amazing in both acting and singing. There was a memorable quote from this film that I will never forget.

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Your Song is also the song that I think of when I talk about this film.

Hairspray was another film that taught me of the fact, which the musical films aren’t necessary to be only tragedy as this one was so hilarious and its soundtrack were so moving and shaking.  If Hairspray introduced the comedy perspective of this type of entertainment to me, Chicago would be the one that guided me to the sarcastic murderous musical film. Cell block tango is always my favorite scene from that movie. ‘Ah Ah, not guilty’

I think I need to mention Mamma Mia too even though I didn’t like the film as I’ve expected but the chance of listening all hit songs by Abba was worth watching the film. Moreover, Meryl Streep is absolutely awesome at every thing she does.

As you can see, I like musical films so I can’t deny my heart to fall in love with the musical series like Glee. In my opinion, the 1st season was the best. The 2nd one seemed to try too hard to be good as the 1st one. Nevertheless, the 3rd and 4th ones were back to be great but they couldn’t overcome the 1st one. Anyway, I think I can call myself Gleek as I’m still following this series. There are many performances that I loved from 4 seasons so far. It’s very difficult to pick one but I think I choose this one because it reminds me of Cory every time I listen to it.

I’ve seen those musical works via screen which I hoped that someday I would be able to see them on stage. Fortunately, I finally got a chance to see the musical theatre called Anything Goes when I was in New York in 2012. My friend and I decided to find performance we could afford, and it must be in the daytime not nighttime. So we agreed to watching Anything Goes, and it was the precious experience for me. It made me want to have more opportunities to see this kind of entertainment again and again.

New York | US | 2012

New York | US | 2012

 This post is my love for the musical arts and an entry for MMM-Challenge by Frizztext.

Sunset on the run


I chose the above picture as an entry for the MBPOTW challenge‘s 5th week. It was selected from a bunch of photos that I took while being in a van on the way back to Bangkok from my hiking trip. I was trying to practice taking photos by adjusting speed shutter. That image was in the last set of photos before the Sun would leave the sky. It was one of a few photos which were fine as most of photos were blur.

A Word A Week Challenge – Mistake

The mistake happened when I unintentionally snapped a photo while moving my camera.

But sometimes it helps the output not be too boring.

But sometimes it helps the output not be too boring.

The mistake happened when I couldn’t focus anything.

01-IMG_6977The mistake happened when I tried new techniques too many times without knowing the real effect such as this multi-exposure function.


The mistake happened when I photographed through window and got the reflection of my dad on the sky out there.


The mistake happened when I shouldn’t have put something under/around/near the subject and the sights of them drew the attention to themselves.


Travel Theme: Through

As I’ve mentioned before that I visited England in 2011 on this post, the Stonehenge was the must-go place for me during that trip because I read its mysterious history since I was a kid.

We’ve driven there on the way back to London after visiting Bath. We walked through the tunnel from parking lot to the site.

I really like this photo because it looked like they came from another world. I really like this photo because it looked like they came from another world.
UK | 2011 02-IMG_0789 UK | 2011 UK | 2011 The sky was cloudy and it would rain during our visit.
UK | 2011 UK | 2011 We could look through the gap between columns
UK | 2011 UK | 2011 UK | 2011

Even though the rain was going to come soon, we couldn’t help to take jumping photos as souvenir.

Thanks to B for the photos which I've made a gif out of them. UK | 2011

Thanks to B for the photos which I’ve made a gif out of them.
UK | 2011

 My mission accomplished.

In rolling waves

The Naked and Famous has just released their 2nd album around mid of Sep, and I just got a chance to listen to their full album after purchasing it on iTunes. To be honest, I thought that the 1st single of this album, Hearts like ours, was just ok so I didn’t put my expectation into this album that much. However, I changed my mind once listening to all songs. This album is just brilliant in their own style. They can present who they are while creating intriguing music. The beauty and angst. I think they can prove themselves that they aren’t those artists whose best album is only their first album as I think I might like this 2nd one more than the 1st one.