Night butterfly

Photo 9-2-56 BE, 20 37 08

My dad knows that I’d like to take photos of various things so whenever he spots something that he thinks it’s worthwhile photographing, he will tell me. And this time he was the one who saw this insect peacefully stayed on our house’s fence. He told me to take my camera with me so I decided to snap pictured by using both iPhone and Olympus. There was an angle that using iPhone was easier to get that required angle as the below picture.

Photo 9-2-56 BE, 20 36 45

Before writing this post, I thought that this type of insect was called ‘Night Butterfly’ which was English translation from ‘Pee-Sue-Klang-Kuen’ (Thai word). However, I just knew that it’s called Moth.

Photo 9-2-56 BE, 20 36 22

I used Hipstamatic app in iPhone to capture this creature using Americana Lens with Kodot XGrizzled film, and I re-sized photos in EverClipper. The blog credit has been done in Phonto. I think I was lucky that I didn’t have to go anywhere to take the Nature photo for 1st Monday’s phoneography challenge because the nature has come to me.

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