Daily Prompt: Blogger With a Cause

If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?
Daily Post

It would be related to Global Warming. Some might deny this situation on our planet Earth but not for me as I mentioned earlier in this post (April Snow). Moreover, I’ve experienced the furiously hot weather in last year’s Winter according to my post – Hot Winter, and super hot in Summer this year (Prickly heat).

Even though I don’t take part in any organization for this cause, but I always try to behave myself with awareness of this matter. I believe the easiest practice is to reduce garbage such as using reusable bags instead of plastic bags or using containing boxes instead of foam boxes.

Source - MorgueFile

Source – MorgueFile

Another practice is recycling. Regrettably, my country doesn’t support the rubbish categorisation for recycling. However, there are people who would buy pieces of paper, bottles, CDs and others from household and they will sell them to recycle-alike business. My dad has educated my brother and me not throw away those as rubbish. He has containers for collecting paper and used bottles, and he would freely give them to a person who needs to sell them for living. It’s like kill two birds with one stone: help others and decrease garbage by recycle. Another method is to turn down electricity if we don’t need it. Also, don’t let pipe water uselessly flows.

I know that my family and I are just small group of people in this world. The things that I choose to do might not ease the issue that much. None the less, I still think that it could help. More or less. And I can say that what I’ve done so far could be considered as examples for my friends and colleagues to follow. Just one or two person is a good start.

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