The Remedy

Photo 9-10-56 BE, 13 17 06

I’ve caught a cold so I take a day off today and I just sleep all day. I take medicine for my sore throat, sunning nose and headache. Still, I use another remedy to help me improve my symptom. It is a cup of honey and lemon mixed together in warm water. Beside that, I take a tablespoon of honey and lemon without water. I’ve got this remedy method from my aunt and I tried it before when I got a flu last year. I believe that it truly did ease the problem with sore throat.

The above image was air bubbles in the drink I drank today and it was taken by iPhone 4’s camera. Then, it was resized and cropped in EverClipper. The blog credit was written in LabelBox. I tried capturing macro photography by using technique that I mentioned in this post. It was an entry for Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: Macro.

8 thoughts on “The Remedy

  1. It’s an engaging image, because it’s not identifiable. That’s what I like so much about macro: sometimes you can abstract that make you linger. Hope that you are feeling better. Happy Phoneography Challenge.

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  3. LOL, that just proves that the artistically inclined can always take a picture of *something* and contort it into a worthwhile image, even when they’re laid up on the woodpile!
    Am expecting some arty snaps of snot tomorrow ;-)

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