15 years ago

My first hiking trip in Thailand was at Phu Kradueng National Park 15 years ago. It was a memorable journey because this place is well known for its difficulty to hike there. There is a quote said that if any couple wants to prove their love, they should go hiking there due to its hard walk.

I didn’t have to prove my love with anyone but that walk was definitely worth talking about because it’s very normal to be asked whether you ever go there or not if you like hiking.

That was my friend and me. By the way, we are still best friend after that trip ;)

That was my friend and me at Phu Kra Dueng. By the way, we are still best friend after that trip ;)

After that trip, I didn’t go to anywhere similar to that place in Thailand. But, I went on hiking in other countries instead. However, I will go hiking at Phu Soi Dao national park this weekend which I’m very excited and a bit anxious because even though the trail up to the summit of Phu Soi Dao usually takes 4-6 hours to reach there, but some have said that they took around 9 hours to finish walking up. Moreover, there will surely be rain around that area because Thailand is in Rainy season now. And why do we go there in Rainy season, that’s because this place is famous for its beauty during this season. 

I’m also worried about the safety of transportation as we have to sit in a van driving all night long to reach the starting point of the trail tomorrow morning. Being in car driving in night time is not my favorite choice. I talked to my best friends about my worrisome and they told me to stop worrying too much, just go and have fun. Ok, I will do it then.

So I schedule this post to be published at 9 PM on 19 Sep 2013 (Thailand Time) because I will be at the appointment place preparing to leave Bangkok for the national park tonight. I’ve scheduled another 3 posts to be published on 20, 21, and 22 orderly as I don’t think I could find the internet around there and I need to save up my phone’s battery as much as I can due to limit of electricity there (I think).

Wish me luck and talk to you later after I get back here in Bangkok this Sunday’s night.

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