In the Wonderland

Time stands still.

The Strangers.

You and Me.

Walk into.

The Wonderland.

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 20 59 38

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 00 16

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 00 53

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 02 02

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 01 35

and then we leave …

Photo 9-30-56 BE, 21 02 24

Behind the shots:

  • iPhone 4’s native camera.
  • Applied more 3 filters in Camera 360.
  • Resized by EverClipper.
  • Blog Credit in Phonto.

As I’ve mentioned earlier that I have taken a hike at Phu Soi Dao national park in my country (Thailand) from 20 to 22 Sep this year. After coming back, I have published the post for an entry of the Phoneography Challenge’s 4th Monday which was called ‘Into the Wonderland‘.  The 5th Monday of this challenge is still Challenger’s choice so I decided to continue the Wonderland series in this post. My choice is a mixture of Abstraction and Travel.

More photos from the participants can be found here.