Daily Prompt: Bloggers, Unplugged

My job requires me to work with computer entire day and when I come back home, I still use my laptop/iPad to get the updated news on my Facebook friends and update this WordPress blog.

When I started this blog, I didn’t think that I would develop an addiction to this WordPress community. However, I spend a lot of times here as I’ve promised myself that I will publish post everyday for a year since the 1st date. In the beginning of this blog, I tended to visit my blog in the morning, during the day, in the evening and before bedtime. Actually, it wasn’t only my blog that I’d like to drop by, but I also wanted to visit my fellow bloggers’ updated posts because I’d like to touch their worlds via writing or photography.

I didn’t think I needed to completely unplug myself from this blog as I think I wanted to spend my free time reading and writing here. Nevertheless, my addiction has lessened as the time passed by, and I think it dropped to a normal state as I also had other things to do such as reading books, watching series, painting and piano practice, and etc. I therefore changed my schedule to update my post at nights and read fellow bloggers’ updated feed in the morning.

And because I mainly use my laptop for the update on WordPress and Facebook, I believe that I’ve arranged appropriate amount of time in this connected world. And I don’t think it would be anything hard to leave this virtual world and go to the imaginative world of books or series instead because they are my favourite leisure too.


photo credit: » Zitona « via photopin cc

27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Bloggers, Unplugged

  1. So true. I also have this addiction. Checking the stats and following the other WordPress blogs more than 3 times a day. Perhaps I still have the enthusiasm for my new blog like a kid playing a new toy.

    • I used to have that habit too when I recently started this blog. But I tried to not pay attention to stat that much otherwise I might have been discouraged. Right now I once in a while check the stat page to see which country the reader are. It’s kind of amazing to see us around the globe :)

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  4. I think it is great that you could unplug yourself from your blog. I don’t think I could, easily do that. What is a “normal state” of blog activity. :-) Maybe I am already there.

    • I think definition of normal state might be up to each person. Like someone may see my blog activity as too heavy even though I check it twice a day. I believe that we should be the one who makes decision of how many times or how long we access our blogs. :)

      • You are right about that. I try not to access my blog obsessively but sometimes I just can’t help it. Thank you for the thoughts today and responding to my comment. :-)

  5. I too have developed a wordpress addiction. Books are also my only source of unplugging…I feel like I should really read way more than I currently do though – but for me, school gets in the way.
    By the way did you change your layout? Or am I just a crazy person? If you did I like it. If you didn’t, I still like it, lol!

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  9. I’m having a problem learning to unplug and not be in front of a screen all day, although I would say it has more to do with social media at large than my blog specifically. I usually collapse from an overload and loathe to see a screen at all (and then promptly pick up my phone to look at FB or twitter). Kudos to you for finding a balance–and still remaining active in the blogging community!

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  11. I actually find it hard to finish reading any book because my attention span seem to have shortened as the years passed… maybe something to do with spending too much time in front of the laptop… I don’t know :P

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  13. Sometimes I find it hard to unplug from a computer/laptop screen. But I discipline myself – with my blog, I only read and comment others’ posts at night, and respond to comments on my own blog too then. It sounds like you are a very organised person, squeezing so many activities in your week. I’ve enjoyed your blog a lot since I found it (or was it you who found me?). Looking forward to more posts from you :)

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