Prompt Post

I’ve promised myself to publish a single post everyday when I started this blog, and that was the time I didn’t know what WordPress community could provide me with. As I published post by post, I began to learn what I could get from this community especially the challenges which have stimulated the idea for my posts. I believe that there was one challenge that made me nervous before publishing. That challenge was Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique as I chose to post my own photo. I realized that I’ve already shown my face on homepage however that photo was showing the right-side of me. But, the photo in the mentioned post was face in front.

Besides that post, I think there were two more posts which raised my uneasiness before posting. Yet, they helped release me from restless mind because they talked about my personal past experiences which I wasn’t proud of but I think I needed to face it before moving on.  The first post was a letter to a stranger who was one part of reasons I initiated this blog. The latter was the post I wrote about an ex. I still felt a pang in my heart while I was writing that post. Not because I missed him, but I felt a bit ashamed of myself for letting my personality to be altered that much for the sake of having someone in my life.

I believe that this blog has assisted me to grow up even though I have been an adult for quite a while. This blog community also let me learn from others. And I’m grateful for that.

This post is an entry for PPP-Challenge as well.


13 thoughts on “Prompt Post

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  2. I really enjoyed reading the letter to your ex. I also enjoy reading all your other posts as well, lol! So I’m glad that you feel blogging has become a place of learning and growth for you :)

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