Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

I love looking at the sky.

To be able to look at the sky.

To remind me that I wake up another day.

To know that I am still breathing.

Until the last day of my life.

So I would like to think like this…

The Hue of the skies

is the Hue of me.





9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

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    • I used native camera on iPhone4 to capture that sky while I was walking to a piano school. I was surprised with the sunset that could make the sky looked like that. I thought it was an effect from the sun and the cloud. The actual photo was less saturated than the one on this post but it was still captivated in the way the nature could do some trick by themselves. Before attaching it in this post, I used an app in my mac called Fotor to apply the pre-set to make its overall more saturated.

      • You are becoming such a digital photography artist! I am going to get a new phone soon, an Android and I hope it can do awesome things, capture awesome photos like yours. Thank you for the explanation :)

      • I like taking photos by phone and I really like using apps to apply filters or do the decoration. I think it is a fun activity when you can take out your phone and capture the moments.

  2. I really like your take on the theme! I’m new to the WordPress Photo Challenge and you’ve helped me to open up my ideas. I’m really drawn to the 2nd and 3rd shots. It’s really hard to get good shots from the car and this one is really unique and powerful. I’m a sucker for tree/sky shots and the 3rd one rocks! Great treatments on both.
    Thanks for the inspiration! Meghan

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