Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

“I don’t know how to say”

“What can I say?”

Daily Prompt has asked about a time I couldn’t quite get my words to explain what I wanted to say. As some of you might know that I started this blog for English language writing practice since English isn’t my 1st language. My native language is Thai. I still have hard times to express my thoughts when writing something for my blog even though I’ve published 364 posts so far. And now I am writing the 365th post for this blog.


photo credit: jovike via photopin cc

I began learning English language since I was in the 1st year in primary school, and I’ve studied this language until the sophomore year in University.  I also took extra English courses during my high school years.  My 1st job required me to contact Japanese, Singaporean, and Chinese so I needed to use English for communication mainly in e-mails. I left my 1st job for 6-months ESL (English as a second language) course in Tasmania, Australia. Then I worked for a small company which I rarely used English language so I’ve moved to the 3rd job. I’m currently working in a multinational company where I will have chances to communicate with my colleagues from all over the world in English language.

I could say that I love learning English and I really want to be good at this. However, I believe I still struggle with English conversations especially via telephone. Sometimes, I can’t find English vocabularies to explain what I think. I knew that I don’t have to know the exact English words for Thai words when I am trying to convey what I want to say because I can try to speak longer to describe something that should be easily represented by one English word if I could know.

photo credit: Daniel*1977 via photopin cc

So when I was asked by Daily Prompt about the time I face the difficulty of expression, my answer would be the time I have to speak/write in English language for reaching what I truly mean. Just like this time, the 365th post of this blog.

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