The sky in a city

Yesterday (Sunday) I went outside to have lunch with my parents and brother. I tried to snap photos for this Monday’s Black & White phoneography challenge, and it ended up to this image which I chose for the challenge.

Photo 10-21-56 BE, 20 18 37

It’s quite hard to get a photo of clear sky when you are living in a city. Anyway, I think a signal tower provided an interesting aspect to look at for the photo. At first, the photo was in colour and I used Camera 360 to create a black and white version. Then, I used Phonto and EverClipper for writing down this blog’s credit and resizing it respectively.

Prompt Post

I’ve promised myself to publish a single post everyday when I started this blog, and that was the time I didn’t know what WordPress community could provide me with. As I published post by post, I began to learn what I could get from this community especially the challenges which have stimulated the idea for my posts. I believe that there was one challenge that made me nervous before publishing. That challenge was Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique as I chose to post my own photo. I realized that I’ve already shown my face on homepage however that photo was showing the right-side of me. But, the photo in the mentioned post was face in front.

Besides that post, I think there were two more posts which raised my uneasiness before posting. Yet, they helped release me from restless mind because they talked about my personal past experiences which I wasn’t proud of but I think I needed to face it before moving on.  The first post was a letter to a stranger who was one part of reasons I initiated this blog. The latter was the post I wrote about an ex. I still felt a pang in my heart while I was writing that post. Not because I missed him, but I felt a bit ashamed of myself for letting my personality to be altered that much for the sake of having someone in my life.

I believe that this blog has assisted me to grow up even though I have been an adult for quite a while. This blog community also let me learn from others. And I’m grateful for that.

This post is an entry for PPP-Challenge as well.



I almost couldn’t participate in this week’s My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge since I rarely photographed anything because of my hectic extra activities together with work at office. Fortunately, I took a few photos of cute little knitted stuff by my colleague. Anyway, those images were nothing special which I just pointed and shot with my old-friend iPhone4. So I pondered what could I do to provide ordinary pictures with something interesting enough? And the answer was the posted image which I utilized iPhone’s applications (Repix and Phoster) to get the result.



Travel theme: Deep

How deep is you love?

I wonder.

Would the distance go on and on like this Ocean?


Tasmania | Australia | 2006

Would the love  be strong like the wild wave?


Tasmania | Australia | 2006

Would your love be hot like hell or cold like chill wind?


Tasmania | Australia | 2006

Do I have to endure all the hardness to be able to meet you?

Walk against the extremely cold windy coast.

Tasmania | Australia | 2006

Tasmania | Australia | 2006

Look right and left.


Tasmania | Australia | 2006

How dare am I to ask the depth of your love?

When I still haven’t found you.

Those above photos were taken during a trip to Port Arthur. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the place’s name but I do recall my host dad’s explanation. He told me that this coastline is opposite to the Antarctica. Only the ocean separates me from the Antarctica. Until now, I still remember the excitement from hearing his words. How cool was I to stand opposite to the icy Antarctica. I wanted to be there longer than I was, but the wind was so strong and it was too cold to be there. So I urgently took photos and went back. It was an awesome experience for me which I sometimes think of it.

Daily Prompt: Honorific

I believe that she has been already admired from those all around the world who heard of her courageous story. I’d also like to mention her here ‘Malala Yousafzai‘. I felt very sorry for her when I firstly knew her from her tragic news. I think she is very brave to speak up for her belief without fear. And when the news said she was shot in the head, admittedly I didn’t think she could survive. But, it is a relieved news that she does survive and live to voice what she honors. I truly respect what she’s done and gone through. I don’t know whether there will be any change in her country and others from now on. However, the world can hear what’s going on, and the world can’t forget because she chooses not to be in silence.


There was words that I might have heard from somewhere which said something like ‘Older is wiser’, and I hope I qualify for that comment. I think this year has quickly passed. Unbelievably, October has arrived already. I’m getting older. In a few years I will reach 40. I think I will be ok because I was perfectly fine on the day my age passed 30.

photo credit: Βethan via photopin cc

Anyway, I’ve recently found this thought that I didn’t live life in my full potential during my 20s. I feel like my life experience from 20 to 30 was almost blank.I don’t know how to explain it but I just knew it. If someone asks me whether I regret what I haven’t done in my younger self. My answer would be ‘Yes in some aspect.’

However, nothing can change because time has already gone which my life moves to thirty somethings. There are things that I want to explore but I still do nothing about them. So in that case, whom I should blame it on? Yes, only me. So even I’m getting older and I hope that I will be wiser, I seem to let life pass me by. I just sit here and whine what I haven’t done to fulfil my wish in my 20s. But I still have my life. (even though I might go outside and be in a tragic accident later – life is full of unexpected events.) Ages doesn’t limit what I can or can’t do. Only fear keeps me from the things I want to do.  Fear of danger, uncontrolled situations, failure, strangers, being lonely and so on.

I wish I could overcome my fear and do what I want to do someday soon. Otherwise, I would grumble about what I haven’t done in my 30s after being in forty somethings.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt


photo credit: febbrile via photopin cc

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Recently, I’ve felt that I let other people come closed to me more than I want to. I’ve therefore got affected by their moods. And I don’t like myself when I loose controlling my emotions. For those of you who visit this blog regularly may have already known that I have been called by my colleagues as a robot according to the way I think and do things.

Based on my present state, I have this idea to create a cover photo for my Facebook timeline page which should show something mixed of robot and feeling. However, I don’t have any toys to use as a robot model for my shoot. Fortunately, my younger brother is still crazy about Lego despite being adult. So I asked him to make a robot made of Lego for me. He used old Lego bricks from his childhood to build a robot. The robot is looked so simple, yet I really like it. (Many thanks to him).

I arranged some posture and props for photographing with the desired scene in my mind, and I took many photos. In my opinion, the photo in this post is the best shot among others. I chose it accompanied with my words (I am a robot. I don’t want to feel.) to be an entry for My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – week 7, and the cropped version is my current Facebook’s cover photo.