I love watching movie trailers, just for the sake of it. Sometimes, I might watch only trailers but never proceed to see the movies. I don’t know whether it is a good or bad habit. But this is my favourable activity that I’d like to do during my free time apart of other favourite things.

I’ve watched many trailers so far and I might have posted some of them that I liked on this blog. Anyway, there are trailers of old films that I still think of them as my most favourite ones. The 1st one that came to my mind was ‘The Social Network’, a film based on Facebook founder’s life (true or untrue, just leave as that). I think this trailer was powerful within two and a half minutes especially lyrics of its soundtrack ‘Creep’, an original version by Radiohead but magnificently covered by Scala & Kolacny Brothers (Belgian Women’s Choir). It really made me want to watch this film which I did and I loved it.

For the next trailer, my tears just fell down while watching it. I never see the full movie. It seems to be good but sad too. So I don’t know I want to see it or not.

Another trailer that I think of was for Once. I think this movie has very beautiful soundtrack and the trailer was good in using the songs to penetrate the hearts of audiences.

I think there will be more trailers that I will see in the future and of course I might fall in love some of them like the above three that I’ve written in this post. {This post is an entry for TTT-Challenge by Frizztext}

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