Golden tree


Currently, I’m traveling in Japan and trying to find the spots of Autumn Leaves. This place is one of those famous places in Tokyo which is Ginko Avenue. Luckily, the leaves were still yellow during our visit. I therefore choose this photo for Phoneography challenge: Nature this week.

Behind the shot:
iPhone 5s’s native camera
Line camera


10 thoughts on “Golden tree

  1. How coincidental that you shot on Ginkgo Avenue. Great capture with light illuminating the top portion of the tree. Is it a Ginkgo? Please have a joyous trip with much adventure. Happy Phoneography Monday.

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  3. I LOVE ginkgo trees… there are quite a lot of them in London, and they keep their brilliant golden colour deep into late autumn – a nice contrast to the particularly dispiriting London grey at that time of year.

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