The real people

To those who are trying to steal our basic rights.
To those who deny our voices.
To those who are trying to discredit the idea of one man one vote.
To those who are saying that we are not equally as human beings.

Don’t throw me to the opposite side, just because I have a doubt.
Don’t wear me in the specific color shirt as I always believe colors are just colors.
Don’t think of me less human beings, just because I might think differently.
Don’t kill me, just because you start to think that I’m less human being than you.


There is a group trying to overthrow the democracy in my country by saying that we (as a developing country) are not ready for the democracy. They are trying to propose the People’s council to replace the government that will be elected by Thai people. They are saying that Thai citizens can’t have the equal rights to vote. They are proposing that people who are in the higher education should have more votes than people who don’t have any degrees in education. Someone in their group said that 300,000 votes by Bankokians are more valued than 15 millions votes from people who aren’t in Bangkok.

I can’t believe that we still have to fight for our rights to vote in this modern world where those in some other countries are fighting to get elections, but some of us are trying to discredit the election system. Yes, I know that the democracy isn’t perfect in this world but nothing is perfect, and if you say that we aren’t equal as a human so who are we then?


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