You’re not alone

This song is one of my all-time favourite songs since I firstly heard it. I don’t know why it could capture me and I don’t get bored listen to it repeatedly even though the song itself didn’t create new genre or style. I think it might have been its simplicity and the meaningful lyrics. In addition, it’s easy for me to sing along.

Come on everybody
Ignores you now
But soon your time will come
Yeah, they’ll know who you are

No, you’re not alone
‘Cause everyone who’s out there’s on there own
But you were always the same
Tryin’ to be like no ones ever been

You try so hard, you get it wrong
You can’t deny, the feeling’s gone
It’s time you took a look at what you need

So, keep holding on
And time will come, you’ll jump right up
And find you’re back on top of the world
Sure in time you’ll be heard, you said

This post is a response to YYY-Challenge by Frizztext.