I think I’m not safe here

There is an ongoing political unrest here in my country which protesters gathering in my city (Bangkok, Thailand). The protesters mainly consist of people from middle class and elites. They believe that the elected government will destroy our country. They want to change the form of government by erecting the council of people instead of election. They claim that there are people who don’t understand democracy especially in rural or low education. Some of them think that if they let our country have the normal election, their preferable party will not be chosen to be government. The political party that they think as the representative of goodness and intelligence. In the easier conclusion, they don’t think our country is ready for one man, one vote.

Most of my peers attend this protest or support it. However, I can’t accept the basic idea of their belief that denies our human rights. Anyway, my peers like to share their thoughts or photos on Facebook when they joined or satisfied with the protest. It seems fashionable to go to the protest, take photos and share them on Facebook. I need to endure their actions. The sad thing is that I cannot share my thoughts or show my own disagreement.

To be honest, I couldn’t help myself and I posted many things on my Facebook wall showing my idea of equal rights in election system. I didn’t attack anyone. However, my true friend warned me that I shouldn’t show disagreement because it’s too dangerous here. I certainly knew what my friend meant because I used to get the discrimination when I was in a place where I was the only one who thought differently. They didn’t hurt me physically but they would isolate me as much as they could. As a result, I tend to be careful as high as I can when I move to a new function.

My current society changes to be a society where you shouldn’t say anything if you think/believe dissimilarly. Actually, you might be able to speak freely but you need to wait for some consequences. Even they act like they are ok with your thoughts, but you cannot be sure of anything.

Eventually, I set all my Facebook posts (related to the current political situation) to show to me only after the warning from my friend. As I don’t know whom I should be careful of. I don’t know who I can really trust. I can feel that the protesters truly believe what they’ve done, they do for the country. Some of them think of people who disagree with them as stupid and bad citizens. They think of us as the enemies. If they can wipe us out of the country, the country will be better. I can say that I fear of what they think. Because you never know when or what they will do next to get rid of us.

I’m so happy.

I’m living here.

Where everyone must think the same or die.

Even posting here on my own blog, I fear that some of them might read this and know who I am.

14 thoughts on “I think I’m not safe here

    • Thank you.

      I might feel this way by just my imagination. However, I think that it’s too painful if I can’t just say something differently from my peers because I don’t know what will happen to me if they think I am bad or even less human beings than them because of my opinions.

  1. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I don’t think it’s just happening where you’re living. God be with you and keep you safe. In spite of all going on, keep the faith and have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. So sorry to hear all this. It must be hard trying to keep your thoughts to yourself when you just want to contribute to the discussion. I do think you have a right to feel afraid of what might happen to you if you do openly express your true political thoughts…I’ve been in that position before. I’m sure if you said your thoughts, you don’t mean to discriminate against anyone. Keep vigilant/alert, stay safe and as the other commenters have said, there are people like us who support you.

  3. This is pretty much true everywhere. Democracy is meant to allow for debate and discussion, but it seems that the majority always wants to drown out the voice of the minority or people who think differently.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Frankly speaking, I think I’m a majority in my country based on some result I can’t say here cause it makes me not feel safe. However, I am in minority among my peers who happen to be middle class in our capital city where the protest is held as their base because they know that they have power here. In addition, they consist of powerful people who act like they speak louder even they are minority in our country. They are in the middle class and elite in this country as well as some are from celebrity.

      Even though I am in a majority in my country, I can’t speak my mind cause my peers support this protest. It might sound ridiculous that the protesters are trying to destroy our election and they are asking for erected government as council of people (we don’t know who will choose them for us) while some other countries are crying out for democracy. I can feel that the conflict in my country might never be solved. Or something violent might happen. Just hope it won’t.

  4. It is only the weak who believe you must stifle the opposition’s voice in order to stay strong. Unfortunately, that is what makes the weak dangerous. Keep speaking your mind, but continue to be careful. I have faith you will endure.

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