Travel theme: Wood

I found this wood floor at MuakLek Paradise Resort when I joined the new year party of my division. I liked how the wood pattern was emphasized via black and white photography.

Muak Lek | Thailand | 2013

Muak Lek | Thailand | 2013

Steve’s Music Mix – Communication

What is Music Mix? It is a new challenge held by Steve Says which I’ve started joining him last week. This post will be my 2nd time as a participant in this challenge.

According to Steve Says:

Here’s how it works:

Each week I will post 3 new questions so…

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

This week’s questions:

Are you a good listener?

Because “she way out”
I’ve never seen her dance moves – dancing like “she way out”
Because “she way out”
I’ve never seen her talk but I’m telling you “she way out”

She Way Out : The 1975 –

It’s not that easy for me to silently listen to someone in normal conversation if it’s too boring. Someone might say that I way out. Strange as I am. But I am recently trying to stay quiet and carefully listening to others because I think we can perceive people better when we let them talk about themselves and their own opinions.


Are you a good public speaker?

There I was
Sitting on the roof of the world
There I was
There I was
Not knowing how I got there
Or how to leave

Sitting on the roof of the world : Dido –

Hopefully, I would be able to talk to people while I was sitting on the roof of the world. Everyone wants to listen to my speech talking about Love, Understanding, and Peace.


Are you a good writer?

They say flowers bloom in spring
Red and golden, blue and pink
They say seasons turn in time
Theirs are changing, why won’t mine?

It must be winter in my heart
There’s nothing warm in there at all
I missed the summer and the spring
The floating yellow leaves of fall

Winter in my heart : The Avett Brothers –

I’ve just realized that my inside poetry will grow more and more when the sorrow visit my heart. When I witness terrible incidents. My writing will get more creativity when I face the tough time. It seems that winter in my heart help me be a good writer?

Photo 1-28-2557 BE, 21 49 36

Sharing is Caring

Photo 1-27-2557 BE, 20 36 56

During the past weekend, my colleagues and I went to Hua Hin for a vacation. We dropped by Mrigadayavan Palace before reaching a rented house near the beach. After walking around the palace, we walked back to the entrance and I met this pair of companions. A dog sat and silently waited for its shared sweet dessert for a lady. I thought to myself, how adorable they were.

Behind the shot:

  • The photo was taken by using iPhone 5s’s native camera.
  • I applied a filter to it in Basic Camera application.
  • It was resized in EverClipper and credited in TypoPic.

This photo is a respond to Phoneography Challenge: Challenger’s choice which I choose Street photography.

What’s going on?

Today (26 Jan 2014), Thailand had the early election. However, the anti-government protesters tried to sabotage the early election by blocking polling stations which they could succeed in some stations in Bangkok (a capital city) and the southern part of Thailand. But the advanced voting could finish without any problems in other parts (Northern, Northeastern, Central, Eastern, and Western).

Voting was either blocked completely or halted at 49 out of 50 polling stations in Bangkok. Early voting was also disrupted in 10 of Thailand’s 76 provinces, reports said.


There were Thai citizens who wanted to cast their vote in this early election but they couldn’t go inside the stations. And no one could do anything about that even the police or government. There were some videos or photos that showed people who would like to enter the polling station by passing those protesters. I saw news, photos, or videos. I can’t believe that they did try to stop other Thai citizen from voting which is the basic rights for us in the country ruled by democracy.

I don’t know what would happen to me and my family when we go to the national election next Sunday (2 February 201). Or I’m not even sure whether we still have the election or not.


Emotional Correctness

I liked this talk because I think it can be adapted to ease the current political crisis in my country. Even though, it seems to be impossible for everyone here to step back and look for common ground. It seems that everyone here has their own opinion and just wants to speak without really paying attention for what others are trying to say. Everyone wants to show their political correctness and point out to the opposition that they are wrong. So everyone tends to be in the same group of people and assume that other people think the same or another group is wrong.




Travel theme: Silver

The Millennium Bridge is located in London. It is a steel suspension bridge for people crossing the River Thames. I thought of the time when I was there while going through my photo vault in order to respond to this week’s travel theme from Ailsa: silver.

London | 2011

London | 2011

London | U.K. | 2011

London | U.K. | 2011

A bird.

London | U.K. | 2011

London | U.K. | 2011

Then, me.

London | U.K. | 2011

London | U.K. | 2011