Bangkok calling

The world has come to 2014 together. While other countries have their own new beginning, my country (Thailand) might also have our own ending. Fellow bloggers who happened to read my posts (The real people and Your silence is loud enough) may have already known some aspects of the situation. There is an ongoing protest in our capital city called Bangkok. What does they want? Those who are living in the democracy might have not believed what does the protesters want from their protest. As I think everyone in their right mind can’t understand why they want less democracy?

In a world now accustomed to democratic upheavals, including the Arab Spring and the Saffron and Orange Revolutions, the weeks of political upheaval in Thailand stand out for one main peculiarity. Protesters massing on the streets here are demanding less democracy, not more.

NY Times

They aren’t majority of our country. Frankly speaking, they are minority group here, but most of them are in the middle and high class citizen. That’s why they can use their influence to enforce the protest to go on and on. They are trying to propose People’s council instead of Parliament. They will select group of people for us to rule the country.  Their offer is  to reform the government in Thailand to gain less corruption and to reform the voting system in Thailand to gain less bribery. It sounds beautifully to get less corruption and bribery, right? How can they do that?

Some of them (Not all of them) have this certain idea that human beings are not equal in the political system: One person should have more votes than other based on their education or whatever they want. Because they believe that if they do something like that, their favored party will be the government instead of the parties who has won the elections since the latest coup d’état in Thailand (2006). Because they believe that whoever has chosen the other parties are bought by money to vote. In addition, they are ready to throw whoever dare to speak against them to the opposite side. Calling those who disagree with them as traitors. Not love the country. Looking down at whoever believes dis-similarly. (I need to point out that some of them do, not all of them)

For me, I can’t comprehend with the logic of ‘One person not equal One Vote’. I can’t understand how can some people look down others based on education or living areas. I just can’t.


Anyway, some of my friends or people I know have joined this protest and they proudly talked about it. Some of them might not even know what is the exact request from this protest. Some of them join this because the protest has been driven by the hates of Thaksin Shinnawatre (The ousted prime minister by mentioned coup d’état earlier). So they just want to get rid of his remaining party from the political scene because the party has won the election since 2001 no matter its party name has been changed.

And because I’m in the middle class so I can feel that people around me supports this protest as they have proudly shared their thoughts on Facebook. For me, I don’t usually share any political belief on Facebook because I don’t think it’s necessary to show everything to the virtual world. Nevertheless, I can’t accept the idea of unequal rights. I therefore posted something on Facebook. And then I started to scare of my safety as my true friend warned me to be careful. I wrote about that in this post: I think I’m not safe here, which I’ve got valuable comments from fellow bloggers. I really appreciate their encouraged words. The comment from Bill Jones, Jr. about weakness has reminded me of my dad’s words who told me that ‘A fear weakens your mind/spirit‘.

That made me think.

After I’ve gained my courage again, I start to post and share idea that shows the need of equal rights, election, democracy, and peace. I admit that I still fear of what will cost me for what I think differently. However, I need to speak up before I might not even get a chance to speak anything differently again since I never know what will happen to our country.

The protesters will rise their activity to shut down Bangkok on 13 Jan 2014. What is the Bangkok shut-down?

Protesters plan to block seven main intersections in Bangkok, causing gridlock in a city clogged with traffic at the best of times, and say they could block other areas as part of their prolonged siege of the city.


So what am I going to do on 13 Jan 2014? I have to go to work at my office which is luckily located outside Bangkok. However, my brother has to stay at the hotel inside the inner Bangkok so he will be able to go to work everyday. My parents have stocked food and water. I don’t know what will happen or what is the end of this turmoil. I don’t even know there is an ending of this situation or just the ending of democracy in Thailand (if we actually have one?).

I don’t have a clue.


5 thoughts on “Bangkok calling

  1. I visited Bangkok last year, and I read the NY Times article with interest when it ran. I wondered what the back story was. The news seldom puts that in. I hope you and your family will stay safe, and this whole protest will go away quickly.

    • The story can be told in a various angle depending on whose story. This is my side of the story but I believe that people who support this protest will also have their own stories. In the current situation, I think most people tend to forget the matter of fact or common sense, and they only choose to believe in the certain aspect of the fact that reassures their belief.

      Anyway, hoped that you had a good time when you were here in Bangkok last year.

      Thank you for comment.

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